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Mizzou Links, 3-3-08

Decent weekend for Mizzou Baseball, as they took 3 of 4 at the USD Tournament.  They stand now at 6-2, with two one-run losses to home teams.  I'd go into more detail with baseball and softball, but that would ruin The Beef's Monday Musings, now wouldn't it?  I will also include this link's Mike Dearmond talking about the baseball season's "fair start"...

Since I didn't post any links yesterday (sue me), here are a couple decent recaps from Saturday's Mizzou-Baylor game: MU's fade looks familiar (Trib), Tigers are 'right there' but can't get the job done (Post-Dispatch).

A week ago, Missouri was one game out of fourth place in the Big 12 with four games to play. Four wins might have made Missouri an NCAA Tournament bubble team, and two wins would have all but guaranteed an NIT berth.

Now, with games against Iowa State and Oklahoma remaining, Missouri can finish no higher than eighth in the conference, and the College Basketball Invitational, a new postseason alternative catering to third-tier teams, seems likely.

And then, of course, there's this story...

Shortly following Baylor’s 100-89 bouncing of Mizzou on Saturday, Lyons talked about rumors that he’ll leave school early for the 2008 NBA draft.

"It’s a lot of rumors, that I’m coming out," said Lyons, a 6-foot-9 junior forward. "I have heard about it. People think that I should leave this year.

"But I haven’t really been thinking about it, cause that will get you off your game."

Lyons’ name is hard to find on current NBA draft lists. But on, he is rated No. 31 on the list of juniors who could come out early. On that same list, Kansas junior Brandon Rush ranks No. 14.

Then again, Lyons has never been on a tear like the past two games at Mizzou.

I'm sorry, but...if he's thinking about leaving after this season, he must be really unhappy and uncomfortable at Mizzou.  He can't possibly think he'd be drafted, could he?  I mean, I guess if he continues this tear, he could get somewhere into the mid- to late-second round, but what the hell's the point of that?  He's proven less than Thomas Gardner had, and he still disappears anytime he goes up against somebody bulkier than him (and not a complete stiff).  This would be a disaster for him, but...well, if he's that unhappy here, go right ahead.

Recruiting news!  First off, Mizzou added another in-state kid to the list, as Ray-Pec's Andrew Wilson committed this weekend.  Predictable, but lovely nonetheless.  Also, Dave Matter has a story about a recent commit, Washington (MO)'s Kerwin Stricker.  Plus, PM also has a write-up on Keenan Davis, a 4-star WR looking at Mizzou.  And finally, 2009 recruiting hasn't been going nearly as well for Mike Anderson.  After missing out on Tyler Griffey a few weeks ago, Anderson has now officially missed out on Mobile's DeMarcus Cousins, a 5-star PF, who was never that likely to leave the state of Alabama (he committed to UAB)'s not surprising, but it's still a bit disappointing.

Here's a decent Brock-Olivo-for-Congress story that goes a bit beyond the silly "social studies class" remark...

Dave Matter has more on what Lucas linked to in diaries.  Godzilla strikes it rich.  I had no idea he's started 107 consecutive games.  That's insane for a defensive lineman, but...well...Smitty's insane, so I guess it makes sense.

Finally, it's MizzouSpace Race #2!  Old long snapper versus new long snapper!