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Mizzou Links, 3-4-08

Later-in-the-year season opening in baseball?  No matter.  The home opener was canceled do to crappy weather nonetheless.

Check out this week's Big 12 Notes from Steve Walentik.  Still just one game separating 3rd place and 8th.  And somehow Baylor and OU now have almost stronger NCAA tourney cases than KSU and ATM.  The Missourian has more on the Big 12's jumbled postseason...

I have a post on this coming soon, but for now the Missourian has a decent article about just how much Mizzou's defense has stunk since Stefhon Hannah decided his service at Nikai was unsatisfactory.

Guess I should link to this too: Horton and Hannah waived their arraignments yesterday.  Whatever.  Oh, and Athena has officially closed.  You wouldn't think a random Columbia club closing down would be news to post here, but...well...

So I think it's safe to say that Graham Watson doesn't like Leo Lyons' draft chances.

And why not? He’s had two good games – in a row! That’s surely enough to get some NBA scouts to forget the 9 minutes he played against Texas Tech or the three points and two rebounds he had at Mississippi State. Or even the one rebound he managed to grab against a monstrous Southern team.

You see where I’m going with this.

But for the second consecutive meeting between Lyons and the media in the last couple days, he proclaimed that he was thinking about foregoing his senior season to pursue professional opportunities. Or as he called it, "the NBA."

"I’m not going to lie and say I’m coming back," Lyons said. "I just have to do what’s best for me."

I told Lyons that I had two words for him: Thomas Gardner.


Gardner worked hard to get on Chicago’s bench. He didn’t mope, whine, or complain about the coaches. He worked really hard. Lyons has shown us all that’s he’s not that type of player. Until this season, almost everything had been handed to Lyons. He didn’t have to answer for being lazy. He admits that he still doesn’t respond to yelling or negativity on the court. He sulked at the end of the bench for two games after the first Iowa State meeting after being benched and didn’t get out of his attitudinal funk for two games.

This all sounds more like a player who needs a year of maturity, not the NBA.

I've got two more words: Albert White.  Just sayin'.

Enough basketball.  Spring football previews continue, as Dave Matter takes on the Mizzou O-line, while PowerMizzou has been moving much faster, taking on the O-line, D-line, LBs, and CBs.

It's paying to be a PowerMizzou member right now, as members get a chance to see this fantastic film from Midwest City (OK)'s David Oku.  It's not quite to the level of Noel Devine's legendary film, but it's damn impressive.  OU just offered Oku, and he swears that he's still going to go through the recruiting process, and Mizzou's had more luck in Midwest City than just about anywhere else in Oklahoma, but...yeah, you have to figure OU's the most likely destination for Mr. Oku.  Then again...Noel Devine left Florida for WVU, so...yeah...cross your fingers...

Finally, the Trib says you should probably get to know the name of Lindsey Ubrun...Mizzou softball's 3B, a junior transfer from Maryland, is carrying the offense, batting .344 with 6 HR's and 25 in 18 games.