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Mizzou Links, 4-15-08

As rpt mentioned yesterday, Jacob Priday was indeed named Big 12 Player of the Week after going 8-for-15 with 5 HRs over 4 games.  Honestly, this would have only been news if he hadn't won.  (And obviously Aaron Crow didn't win the Aaron Crow Award this week.)

Mizzou went 3-1 this week, good enough for a 2-spot bump in the Baseball America rankings.  They're now #6.  Meanwhile, they jumped from #16 to #14 in the rankings.  But hey, who cares about Rivals...BA is obviously the better, more accurate poll...ahem...

Mizzou Softballer Amanda Renth is turning it on at the right time this year.

"The greatest thing about it is that it is now when it counts, in conference play," Missouri Coach Ehren Earleywine said. "Last year, Amanda got off to a real fast start and hit a bunch of home runs early in the year and then kind of fizzled late. This year she has flip-flopped that, which is ideal."

Before an, uhh, interesting game of Fantasy AD, Dave Matter shares a blurb about something else behind all those football coaches visiting Columbia this spring...

During the offseason, Texas hired Will Muschamp as its new defensive coordinator. Muschamp, who spent the last two years as Auburn’s coordinator, is considered one of the game’s most creative defensive minds and has a reputation for using exotic blitz packages. In 2006 and 2007, only one SEC team went 2-0 against Florida and Urban Meyer’s spread offense. Which one? Muschamp’s Auburn Tigers. During those two seasons, two of Florida’s least productive offensive games — 279 yards and 312 yards — came against Muschamp’s Auburn Tigers.

Missouri faces Texas and Muschamp’s defense on Oct. 18 this fall. And who paid a visit to Columbia last month to talk Xs and Os with Missouri coaches? Florida offensive coordinator Dan Mullen. You can bet those Auburn games came up in the conversation.

"Muschamp left auburn to go to Texas, so he’ll go back to his Florida plan when they see us," Yost said. "What did" Florida "start to see or what new things did they see? Just like when they came in they asked us what we would see? Everyone’s going to talk and try to come up with the best plan."

It's this week's version of the Tiger Ten.  I still don't understand the point, but I'm still not complaining.

Marcus Denmon: DiRenna Award winner.

So uhh, I guess it's official that the Cindy Stein era will be lasting at least one more season...otherwise wouldn't have made sure to announce Stein's hiring of a new assistant.  Honestly, I don't like the move (or non-move) simply because, not only have we trended worse over the past 6-7 years, but we also know her ceiling.  It's not like she has the potential to make this a big-time program and just hasn't put the pieces together yet.  We know that if everything goes right, we can get into the NCAA tourney as an 8-12 seed and maybe win a game...and that's about it.  And that's the ceiling?  Then again, I was pulling for Tim Jamieson's firing in 2004, so whaddo I know.  The Missourian has more on new assistant Doshia Woods.

Finally...Mizzou has a water polo team?  And how can they can afford to replace all those drowning horses?