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Mizzou Links, 4-21-08

Without dwelling too much on the score of yesterday's Mizzou Baseball loss, we'll just say that the good news is Mizzou still won its first ever series in Norman.  The bad news is that first-place ATM swept Baylor to extend its conference lead.  Also, OSU swept Texas to pass Mizzou in the standings.  So despite a road series win, Mizzou's now in 4th place behind ATM, NU (who took two of three to KU), and OSU.

And if you want to take yesterday afternoon's loss further out of your head, check out this nice Missourian article on Dan Pietroburgo.

Mizzou got itself an OL commitment over Black & Gold weekend!  The Post-Dispatch has more on Chaminade's Big Jack Meiners.

The Trib's Damien Martin discusses the fan presence at the Black & Gold game.

It wasn’t only fans such as Jennifer Hall and Patsy DeVoe - who made the six-hour drive from Grove, Okla. - who came to see the Tigers. Former players returned in droves to get a glimpse of the team that will take the field for Coach Gary Pinkel’s eighth and most highly anticipated season at MU.

"This is what the upper-echelon teams have," said former quarterback Corby Jones, who led the Tigers to back-to-back bowl appearances in 1997 and 1998. "This is what they have at Oklahoma, at Miami, at Clemson. Coach Pinkel’s done a great job of embracing former players. I’d be remiss if I didn’t give him all the credit for building this program.

"We tried to put some things in place, had some success. But we couldn’t sustain it."

With two blog posts, Dave Matter puts a wrap on the spring.  First up is a B&G summary post, and next up is a 'state of the union' interview with Gary Pinkel.

On Saturday’s crowd of 26,000-plus...
"That was pretty cool, wasn’t it? That’s pretty neat. I think that’s changing. There’s a great expectation level, which is good. I like that. I remember the first time we got our football alumni to come back, one thing they said was we weren’t embracing these old players. Our first one, we had like 70 people there. I was the happiest guy in the world we had 70 alums and their family there. This year, I think there were over 600 that preregistered. I don’t know what the final number was. It was probably around 700. But, wow, what a difference. That’s just ex-players feeling good about their university. A lot of plusses. That goes with winning. The moral of the story is keep winning."

Finally, Mizzou Softball won a road game!  They knocked off Texas yesterday, with Rhea Taylor stealing three more bases in the process.  They're tied for third in conference with OSU, behind only ATM and OU.