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Mizzou Links, 4-24-08

Note to self: no more wood bats for Mizzou.  Southern Illinois 2, Mizzou Baseball 1 in a wood bat game in O'Fallon.  Ian Berger pitched pretty well for Mizzou, allowing only a homerun to a short porch in the 2nd, but Mizzou managed only 5 hits against a host of Salukis, and that was that.

Mizzou Softball fared much better in Ames, whipping the Cyclones 12-1 and 6-0.  Reigning conference player of the week Rhea Taylor stole three more bases, giving her a Big 12 record 51 for the season.  Also: Lindsey Ubrun and Amanda Renth both hit HRs (their 15th and 16th respectively), placing them both in the Mizzou's single season top 5.

Another day, another couple profiles of Tigers hoping to get drafted.  This time it's Darnell "Loner" Terrell and The Copta.

The Big 12 really might have enough talent to challenge the SEC for supremacy in the '08 college football season, and according to Dave Matter, the QBs lead the way.

From last year’s Heisman Trophy finalist (Missouri’s Chase Daniel) to the NCAA yardage king (Texas Tech’s Graham Harrell) to the freshman All-American (Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford), there’s experience and talent galore at the position. And that’s only three. There are other veterans who would probably be considered preseason all-conference candidates in other leagues, like Oklahoma State’s dynamic Zac Robinson, Kansas’ undersized slinger Todd Reesing, Kansas State’s big-armed Josh Freeman and Texas’ Colt McCoy, who struggled some last year but has piloted two straight 10-win seasons.

"The overall strength of all the quarterbacks" coming "back just makes the whole league stronger," Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops said during Monday’s Big 12 coaches teleconference.

He’s right. Five Big 12 teams will likely populate the top 15 among the various preseason magazines, including Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Texas and Texas Tech.

Matter also has a nice spring wrap-up post regarding Mizzou's offensive line.  (Plus, there's an interesting link at the bottom of the post.)

Speaking of spring wrap-ups, PowerMizzou discusses the offense and defense and hands out awards.

A while back, The Beef and I were trying to predict who would become the first out-of-state commitment for Mizzou this year.  Sounds like it may be a competition between Jacob Karam and Marshall Musil.  Or not.  Predicting what recruits will do is just about as likely to lead to success as wrestling a bear.  Oh.  Too soon?

When you're the Mizzou head basketball coach, what's one way to get people's attention when spring football is wrapping up and Mizzou fans have totally erased basketball from their consciousness?  Promise a national title.

Mike Anderson, however, proclaimed that Missouri "will win a National Championship" at Missouri's Basketball Banquet Tuesday night at the lovely Holiday Inn Select in Columbia, Mo.

Among the other head-scratchers include Tiger superfan and basketball announcer Gary Link who told Matt Lawrence that Lawrence "outkicked the coverage" because he brought an attractive date to the banquet.

Before giving his speech, Associate Head Coach Melvin Watkins made it a point to thank his wife for her support because he wanted "some sugar" (shu-gah) later that night.

Watkins also wished outgoing seniors luck for when they become "fathers and mothers," quickly correcting himself by adding, "that's for your hunnies, too."

There were actually a few awards handed out, despite all the awkward moments.

Good times!

Apparently Leo Lyons will be announcing his name-in-the-hat-or-no-name-in-the-hat decision this afternoon.  I'm cool either way.  His head seems to be on reasonably straight, and it seems his odds for coming back will be pretty good even if he decides to test the waters.

Finally, it's one thing to be a good's another to have a move named after you.  The Missourian talks about "the Perry".