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So...does something need to be done about the NBA draft process?

I'm more than okay with Demarre Carroll and Leo Lyons testing the NBA waters (and not signing with an agent) to get feedback on where they need to improve to move up the lists the next season.  Assuming they both come back for their senior seasons, this can only help Mizzou for '08-'09.  But...well...I see more and more players doing this in the upcoming years, and unlike the NFL process that Chase Daniel, Ziggy Hood, Chase Coffman, Stryker Sulak, and seemingly every other 2008 senior went through last winter, this process involves practices, scrimmages, and quite a few manhours.  Well...there are only so many evaluators with this 'pro' expertise, right?  And if more and more college players decide they want this feedback, won't the quality of the feedback they receive begin to drop with more and more kids in the pool?  I can see some limitations being placed on who's allowed in the pool in the future, but I have absolutely no idea what those limitations would be.  Thoughts?