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The Beef's 1st Round NFL Draft

Alright...for some of you, you may remember what was attempted last year which was somewhat chronicled here.  To recap that, three of us ended up basically trying to share two beers per pick...and some shots where thrown in any time a Penn State player was taken.  Result? person STILL does not know when Brady Quinn was taken, another became the drunkest person EVER to show up to a bachelor party and the other...well...ended up still writing entries like this.  So what are we going to attempt this year?  Good question.

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First off, we are hoping/planning on have 5 people...which is important because the more people there, the less you should drink in theory.

Second, I am the designated pourer this year...assuring that each of us will only be drinking about 3 oz. per pick, oz like we did last year.

Third, no shots.

Now yes...the 10 minutes per pick instead of 15 could result in some challenges, but with a solid lunch and good snacks, we are hoping to get through it.

The format has changed this year.  Instead of one of us picking a beer at the same time a player was chosen, I was charged with trying to predict the 1st round.  A beer was attached to each person I thought would be chosen, as well as 4 more "wild cards" (because we have at LEAST 36 A-B beers to choose from).  First, a short (and not complete) list of the beers we will be sampling: (beers either A-B produces or distributes)

The participating 32 brands in the 2008 Beer draft are:

*       Tenants
*       Lowenbrau
*       Stella Artois
*       Hoegaarden
*       Leffe
*       Boddingtons
*       Kirin
*       Harbin
*       Czechvar
*       Grolsch
*       Wild Blue
*       Bud Light Lime
*       Bud Light
*       Bud
*       Bud Select
*       Mich Ultra Amber
*       Michelob
*       Beach Bum Blonde Ale
*       Sun Dog Amber
*       Landshark
*       Shocktop
*       Mich Porter
*       Starapramen
*       Becks
*       Becks Dark
*       Bass
*       Rays
*       Rolling Rock
*       Rolling Rock Red (new beer)
*       Bud Dry
*       A Goose Island
*       Widmers

Should be a good draft.  Red Hook and Kona Lager may slip in and replace a brand.  These are all A-B beers because the host works there.

And finally...what you have all been waiting mock 1st round (plus wildcards):

Miami - Jake Long (OT-Michigan)
St. Louis - Glenn Dorsey (NT-LSU)
Atlanta - Matt Ryan (QB-BC)
Oakland - Darren McFadden (RB-Ark)
KC - Chris Long (DE - UVA)
NY Jets - Vernon Gholston (DE-Ohio St)
New England - Keith Rivers (LB-USC)
Baltimore - Brandon Albert (OT-UVA)
Cincinnati - Sedrick Ellis (DT-USC)
New Orleans - Leodis McKelvin (CB-Troy)
Buffalo - Devin Thomas (WR-Mich St)
Denver - Chris Williams (OT-Vandy)
Carolina - Derrick Harvey (DE-Fla)
Chicago - Ryan Clady (OT-Boise St)
Detroit - Rashad Mendenhall (RB-Ill)
Arizona - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (CB-Tenn St)
KC - Jeff Otah (OT-Pitt)
Houston - Mike Jenkins (CB-South Fla)
Philadelphia - DeSean Jackson (WR-Cal)
Tampa Bay - Limas Sweed (WR-Tex)
Washington - Malcolm Kelly (WR-OU)
Dallas - Felix Jones (RB-Ark)
Pittsburgh - Gosder Cherilus (OT-BC)
Tennessee - Jerod Meyo (LB-Tenn)
Seattle - Kentwan Balmer (DT-UNC)
Jacksonville - Calais Campbell (DE-Miami)
San Diego - Jonathan Stewart (RB-Oregon)
Dallas - Aqib Talib (DB-kansas)
San Francisco - Sam Baker (OL-USC)
Green Bay - Brandon Flowers (CB-Va Tech)
NY Giants - Kenny Phillips (S-Miami)

Other Picks
Dan Connor (LB-Penn State)
Brian Brohm (QB-L'ville)
Quentin Groves (DE/LB-Auburn)
Dustin Keller (TE-Purdue)
James Hardy (WR-Indiana)

Will report back during the Musings on Monday to see how we all ended up doing.  Oh...did I mention we all have a pub crawl to go to tonight after this?