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Will Franklin drafted by the Chiefs!

Nice.  Fourth Round, Pick #105.  You figured the Rams were out of the running when they randomly picked that Houston WR in Round 2, but the Chiefs, who are having one HELLUVA draft so far, just got themselves a nice Round 4 pick.

Am getting a little bit frustrated with some of the tight ends being picked instead of T Rucker (Jermichael Finley?  Brad Cottam?), but oh well I guess.

[editor's note, by rptgwb] Rucker goes No. 111 overall to Cleveland, one spot ahead of Kansas OT Anthony Collins.

[editor's note, by The Boy] Rucker going to the Browns will make one certain participant in The Beef's beer draft (and winner of RMN's bowl pool) extremely happy.

[editor's note, by rptgwb] Studies say people today respond more to images, so I decided to cook these up (and yes, I went for novelty):