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Monday Musings

Alright everyone, being that I did not get to write much on Sunday in preparation for the early morning posting, this set of Musings may be a little shorter.  I know...I know, I always say that, but this time I mean it...probably.  Another couple of sports finish up for the Tigers, with gymnastics and tennis getting the books closed on them.  Much has been made of the atrocious weekend Mizzou baseball had, so I probably wont cover that all too much.  Anyway, for the sake of time and my day, let's get to it.

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That's right....why not start here.  I suppose I will go bullet-style with this one today

  *  I too thought KC had a really nice draft, certainly in part because Dorsey fell to them.  I dont know about taking Cottam at TE in the 3rd over Rucker...but that is homer in me talking there.  Good for them though for picking up Franklin.  

  *  As for the Rams...long at #2 is fine (though I still thought taking Dorsey and getting to move Carriker back to DEnd made more sense), but taking Avery as the FIRST WR TAKEN in the draft was just a TAD insane.

  *  As for the Jets...was fine with Gholston falling to us and really was the guy who I wanted (since we do still have a very decent Thomas Jones at RB.  However, trading UP to get the Purdue TE just blew my mind.  Draft him where we were and I would have been OK with it.  Trade up and take the CB that KC got...or even Phillips who the Giants picked as the other safety.  Hell, take Jordy Nelson, which is who GB took where we would have picked.  Henry from kU in the later rounds was salt in the wound :-)

  *  Really pleased we did have so many guys sign other deals, though Speiker not getting drafted still makes no sense to me (and the guy who The Boy linked to this morning too I guess)

  *  I had 34 different kinds of beer on Saturday....31 at the beer draft...3 others that evening.  The fact the damn thing only went 3 hours and 30 minutes would have been great...if not for what we were trying to do.  Someone tell Goodell that as soon as the pick is in, he needs to run his ass up there and tell us....he was wasting valuable time :-)

  *  Next year's 1st day will have an interesting Mizzou feel to it....should be fun.

Alright, I did write about our game on Wednesday evening out in O'Fallon and how we left people on base all game.  Well, color me shocked we did it again most of the weekend.  Even plating 8 runs on Friday, we still left 10 on (9 through the first 6 innings, only 1 in the last 3).  I wont even look at the boxscore for Saturday, and then another 9 yesterday.  And when The Boy referenced Zagone's 145 pitch effort, I thought he was kidding...I did not realize he went the distance in the game.  I believe that is at least one good thing which came of the weekend....but not many others can be thought of right now.

Chance and NEED to bounce back this weekend.  I believe our hopes of hosting a regional are out the door, which is too bad, but we do need to tend to our own house a little bit this week and shore it up some.  We do have some of the lesser teams in conference coming up with kU and kSU, who overall are a combined .500 and 11-24 in conference.  We need to win and just start piling some wins and getting some national cred back a bit.  I am starting to wonder just a little if our starting pitching is beginning to run out of gas, which would be too bad because at their individual heights, the group of Crow, Berger, Gibson and Zagone are pretty damn daunting.  Will see if they can get some swagger back at the right time.

One diamond sport doing a real nice job of late would be the ladies, winning 10 of the last 11 games, Mizzou is positioning themselves quite well for both Big XII and NCAA post-season play.  Now sitting 43-13 and 10-5 in conference, they have some nice separation from UT in 4th place and should hang on to 3rd overall, behind OU and aTm, clearly the class of the division.

For the week, Mizzou swept a mid-week doubleheader from ISU, winning large with 12-1 (5 inning) and 6-0 in the nightcap.  They came returned to CoMo for the home finale, taking down the Baylor Bears 8-3 before the weather cost them the 2nd game of the series.  The game will not be made up.

Rhea Taylor continues to impress, and I fully expect her to be a freshman all-american, if not perhaps the top frosh in the coutnry if they award such a thing.  Now hitting .413 out of the leadoff spot, she is still tops in the nation in stolen bases.  Talk about a table-setter.

Mizzou has the middle of the week now thanks to a series with UMKC which was cancelled.  They will now head to Lincoln next to play the Huskers, who currently are just 1-12 in conference.  Assuming the sweep, a 45-13 regular season record will be a great achievement for this squad, who should also be right on the cusp of cracking the top 25 this week.

A quick blurb about junior Adrianne Perry, who went down to Athens, GA to compete in the all-around competition at the NCAA Championships.  Perry had knocked off some of the best all season, including when she became the champion at the Big XII Championships a couple of weekends ago.  Unfortunately, she took a tumble off of the balance beam in her 4th and final apparatus and fell out of contention for all-american honors.

Much of the team which competed on a week in-week out basis will return for the Tigers next season, and while I found how they finished the season (when compared to the beginning) a little disappointing, they are still right in the mix as a national program and hopefully some improvement and addition of new faces can result in the step the program needs to take, which I thought they would this season based on how it started.

Men's Golf
I don't really know a way to spin the fact that we came in 12th of 12 at the Big XII Championships over the weekend.  So I wont try.  Alright...I will try a little.  Well...actually this might be more depressing than spinning, since we had three juniors, a sophomore and a freshman compete over the weekend.  My only hope for spin is that the new course has allowed us to recruit some additional and potentially more talented players for following seasons.  I suppose time will only tell.

Strangely enough, the men's season is not over, as they have The Maxwell down in Ardmore, OK in about 2 weeks from now.  I am not sure about the NCAA Regional Qualifying setup and if they will or not, but if they do, that will be in 3 weeks, right in the middle of May.

Women's Golf:
Now, the women faired far better than the men in their Big XII Championship over the weekend, where they ended up taking 4th place, though falling to it by one lone stroke after holding 3rd place for almost the entire tournament.  Sophomore Julia Potter was the low-scorer for the Tigers, carding +19 for the three rounds, which was still good enough for a tie for 6th overall (must have been a wicked course and wicked'er wind).  Another sophomore in Michelle Morgan also was in the top 20, with junior Chelsea Schreiwer just outside of it in 21st.  

The women, unlike the men, are done now until the NCAA Regional competition, which according the schedule, I have no idea where it will be and when it will be, but I assume in a couple of weeks.

The women gave Okie State all they wanted on Thursday, but came up short against the Cowgirls, losing 4-1 (much closer than it appears) to close out their season.  In the Big XII Tournament, the first one to four wins automatically ends the match.  Mizzou took the double point (which is contested over 3 matches, winning 2 of 3) to get out to a 1-0 lead.  Okie State was running away with a couple of matches, but Mizzou hung tough.  With Okie State up 3-1, Mizzou was leading in two matches and got Okie State to a tie-breaker in the 2nd set.  Had Jessica Giugiolli been able to push her match to a third, Mizzou would have likely been sitting at 3-3 by the time that match finished.

The ladies finish the season just under .500, but with a good amount freshman and other talent returning next season.

Outdoor Track:
It was Drake Relays weekend up in Des Moines, which along with the Penn Relays in Philly are the crown jewels of the spring outdoor season in the nation.  Both collegians and post-collegians participate, and Mizzou had winners in both areas.  Perhaps making the biggest splash was Mizzou's most famous track post-collegian right now, Christian Cantwell.  Cantwell won a record-breaking SIXTH Drake Relays Championship in the shot put, throwing 68-8 on a windy day.  Former Tiger Neville Miller took his first professional title and first Drake Relay title in the 800 meter.  Another former Tiger, Fiona Asigbee claimed her first title in the heptathlon earlier in the Relays, setting a new record in the process.

Among the current Tigers, freshman Kinsey Farren became the first womam to win a Drake Relay title for the Tigers since 1999 when she dominated the 10,000 meter race.  She is the 1st woman since Katie Meyer in 1999 in the 1,500 meter race (and yes, I mentioned her for a of our readers will very much appreciate that).  Hammer thrower Jason Morris came in 3rd, but crushed the Mizzou school record in the process and put himself into the top 5 nationally in throws for the season.  On the women's side of the same event, Elizabeth Robe earned an NCAA Qualifying throw with her effor over the weekend. Chris Rohr took home 5th in the shot and 6th in the discuss and Krishna Lee improved in her top-25 throw in the hammer with her toss as well.

Looks like a few people will travel to Fayetteville, AR coming up, but the Big XII Outdoor Championships will be held in the thin air of Boulder, CO in 3 weeks, with the NCAA Regional meet to follow back in Fayetteville at the end of May.

Coming Up:
Wow...just baseball and softball this week.  Mizzou will go OOC against kU in baseball in KC this week, then home against kSU.  Softball just has the last two of the season starting Saturday up in Lincoln.  Should be a SHORT musings next week.

Random Thoughts:
  *  I saw ONE putt in golf this weekend...but what a putt to see.  Adam Scott dropping a 48 foot BOMB on the 18th green in a playoff against I dont even know who.  Now THAT is how you watch golf these days when Tiger is not in it :-)

  *  Wow...I have not really seen much of it...but Chris Paul just impresses me more each time I do see him.

  *  At least Pittsburgh (the only team I liked who made it out of the 1st round) is playing well in the 2nd round.  I turned the Stars/Sharks game off at 2-1 Sharks....guess the Stars took that as a personal affront and scored the next 4 goals.  I am sure RPT is pleased about that this morning.

  *  So Danica Patrick won a race last week, and Ashley Force decided to follow that up with winning an NHRA race.  Two things about that.
#1 - She beat her FATHER to do so
#2 - Her father was racing for his 1,000th career round win
Congrats to her on the achievement, must have been special for both of them

  *  Carl Edwards with a 31st and 40th place finish over the weekend in his two races, imagine he wants to forget about those.

  *  WOW it was cold at the Cardinal game yesterday.  The bench clearing discussion was interesting, but got me thinking.  When the bullpen people return to the outfield, one of the teams will head in that direction with a member of the other team.  Why has no bullpen just jumped that person?  Sounds like a good plan to me at least....