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Mizzou Links, 4-30-08

Think of these links as a bribe for helping with the Mizzou 25 Coaches seedings.

Kansas 5, Mizzou Baseball 0.  Oy.  The Maneater has more.  That's five losses in a row for the Tigers, who are now 11-12 since starting 18-2 and have scored 2 runs in their last 31 innings.  We need to wake up the bats, Pedro Serrano style.

I'm not joking.

The KC Star's Mike Dearmond examines Mizzou's diamond struggles in detail.

On March 24, Mizzou was ranked No. 2 in the nation by Baseball America. Missouri now is ranked No. 15.

"We had a 14-game winning streak," said losing pitcher Ian Berger, who yielded six hits and all three runs while striking out six in seven innings.

"I know these guys can hit," Berger said of the Tigers. "I saw them do it all fall and in the winter and early in the season. It’s not something I’m worried about. I know the bats are going to come alive."

Ah, but does Missouri have bigger problems?

Berger, pitcher Ryan Gargano and infielders Lee Fischer and Steve Gray were suspended for last Sunday’s game at A&M after missing bed check on Saturday on the heels of a 15-0 loss to the Aggies.

"I’m over it already, and I think the team is, too," Berger said.

Jamieson can only hope.

"Is that a symptom or a coincidence?" Jamieson said. "Has that been going on all year?

"There’ve been too many games on a weekend ... when we haven’t played our best. It makes you wonder. Is this the way we are, or is this just something that happened on one night?"

But hey, at least Max Scherzer kicked ass, right?

And hey, at least 5-star Memphis WR Marlon Brown is considering us again, right?  Like I said, if we could take 25 WRs, this class would be pretty damn stellar.

Dave Matter offers a summary of which former Tigers will be in which NFL camps come this summer.

Baltimore Ravens: DL Lorenzo Williams

Cleveland Browns: TE Martin Rucker, RB Tony Temple, CB Darnell Terrell

Jacksonville Jaguars: DE Brian Smith

Kansas City Chiefs: WR Will Franklin, S Pig Brown (possible)

Oakland Raiders: C Adam Spieker

New York Jets: DT C.J. Mosley, WR Brad Smith

Philadelphia Eagles: DE Xzavie Jackson

San Diego Chargers: OT Tyler Luellen, WR Greg Bracey

San Francisco 49ers: DE Justin Smith, DT Atiyyah Ellison

St. Louis Rams: LB Dedrick Harrington

Tennessee Titans: WR Justin Gage, TE Dwayne Blakley

PowerMizzou continues its spring recap by looking at SEMO.

The Missourian offers a season summary of Mizzou Tennis.  It's pretty interesting to note how Blake Starkey is building from the ground up.  In duels this spring, Mizzou was 6-6 in doubles matches and 29-17 in the bottom two singles matches...but poor in the Singles #1-4 matches.  This is a young team, so hopefully success will start to build from the bottom.

In case you hadn't caught this link yet, looks like Ben Hansbrough decided he didn't like Mizzou enough to attend here without a scholarship, so instead he's transferring to Notre Dame.

Finally, Amanda Renth: Big 12 Player of the Week.