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Rock M Roundtable!

We're back!  Sorry I disappeared last week...was finishing up my old job, and now I'm off for a week before starting a new one...

1 - For Doug: Congrats and f--- you very much.  Actually, I have a into football as you (and most KU fans) were last December or so, would you trade this basketball title for a 2007 football one?

For the rest of us: same idea (only without the titles in the scenario unfortunately).  I realize a couple of you weren't really around for '94, but for those who were...if you had to give up the memory of either the '94 basketball season or the '07 football season, which would it be?  Unfortunately we don't have to give one of those up, as that's pretty much all we have, but nonetheless...

2 - Because I'm off for the rest of the week, I'm breaking out the DVDs...stuff the wife doesn't enjoy much, of course.  And that leads me to this question: what's your favorite baseball movie?  Major League?  Field of Dreams?  Bull Durham?  The Natural?  Other?

3 - Basketball season's over, so...what now?  What occupies most of your recreation-based brain for the next four months or so?  Do you get into MLB?  NBA (or, I guess, NHL) playoffs?  College baseball?  Porn?

4 - No picks to make, obviously, so...general thoughts?  Other issues to share?

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mizzourobot: 1 -  This week has been a timid blue stain on the cockles of my heart.  Unfreaking believable.  Congrats, though.  I have no comeback, no response, nothing.  Jayhawks technically finished better than us with a higher bowl, then a national championship.  Really nothing to combat there.

2 - Bull Durham.  I love Major League, and it's got high quotability, but it doesn't even begin to matchup.  From the "I believe in" speech to the "You couldn't hit water if you fell out of a fucking boat." line, to Tim Robbins as a complete douchebag, it's my favorite by far.  I also love the "And when you speak of me, speak of me well." line.  Not to mention it spawned arguably the greatest "Baseball Tonight" commercial of all time.

3 - Since I run an NBA blog and I'm interviewing David West on Friday, yeah, the NBA takes up some of my time. Oh, and that big sit down with Quinn is happening this week or next, and you'd never believe it, but I'm absolutely turned around on him.  I talked to an ESPN reporter who's doing a piece on him this week at a Toros game, and I realized how much I've come to respect him.  He took the whole mess unbelievably hard.  And I'm absolutely stunned at what a good pro coach he is.  The guys in that locker room absolutely love the man.  Marcus Williams got signed to the Clippers for the rest of the season out of Austin and pretty much said Quinn was the main reason.  He's willing to talk about the Missouri ordeal even as hard as it is for him, and I have to respect the humility he really seems to have now. Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there.

4 - I do want to say that this is an issue I feel that Rock M Nation needs to discuss.

rptgwb: How can you even begin to discuss an issue like that without taking this into account?

1 - Considering my Missouri roots (and my lifespan) don't extend back that far compared to all my colleagues, I'll sacrifice the '94 basketball season in a heartbeat without question. Anyone who tries to take the memories of this football season from me with be in for one hell of a fight. And to be honest, given the choice of KU winning a National Title in basketball and losing to MU at Arrowhead last November, I take the win at Arrowhead every time. Yes, I'm that big of a football lover and apologist.

2 - The Natural, no contest. I'll go ahead and say Major League for the funniest baseball movie, as I thought Bull Durham was grossly overrated. Field of Dreams is a classic, but something about the story of Roy Hobbs will get my vote every time - ending of the book be damned.

3 - I'm in that less than 1 percent of America planning on absolutely overdosing on the NHL playoffs. There is NO postseason like playoff hockey. I simply won't have the argument. My Stars have one hell of a tough draw in the first round, but there's going to be a lot of good hockey in the first round. I'm sure The Beef is gearing up for Devils-Rangers (gotta pull for the Blueshirts... Sorry, Beef).

4 - So, spring football injuries... Lame.

ZouDave: That's alright, I was traveling between Dayton, OH, and Washington D.C. last Wednesday so I wouldn't have even seen your questions until pretty late Wednesday night.  And it's all about me, you know.

1 - Very though question.  Echo your statements to Doug.  I will always hate ku with the fire of 1000 suns but they earned that victory and it was one of the 5 best basketball games I've ever seen played.  Can't imagine the emotion that had to hit you when Chalmers pulled up for that 3, because I know you knew it was going in the moment he put it up.  I sure did.

Anyway, to answer Bill's question...I don't know.  That 1994 basketball team was an amazing collection of what Missouri basketball should always be.  And the fact that it happened during my Senior year in high school and my HS was probably 75% pro-jayhawk was just that much better.  But I'm a football fan first, and I saw almost the entire 2007 season in person or on TV (the only game I didn't get to watch was Ole Miss).  Even more, I watched every one of those games with my dad.  He's not going to live forever, and we've been waiting for this kind of season from Mizzou football my entire life.  I think because of that, I'd give up the 1994 basketball team to keep the 2007 football team.  But that's a really, really tough choice.

2 - I own a multitude of baseball movies, despite baseball being maybe my 4th favorite sport behind football, soccer and basketball.  There's just something about baseball that translates better to the big screen.  I've got 61*, Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, A League of Their Own, Major League, The Natural, The Rookie and The Sandlot.  Of those, my favorites are 61*, Bull Durham, Major League and The Natural.  I'll go ahead and say it, Field of Dreams isn't really a baseball movie.  It has very little actual baseball in it and it's not the main plot device.  The story is about a guy forgiving himself for not being closer to his father.  Baseball is background.  It's almost like calling Jerry Maguire a football movie or Teen Wolf a basketball movie.  Just because there are some scenes of that sport in the movie doesn't make it "that kind of movie".

For an overall favorite baseball movie, though, I'd probably have to go with The Natural.  61* is amazing, though.  And I can recite Major League from beginning to end with probably 99% accuracy.  Bull Durham is just classic.

3 - Soccer for me, although I am going to REALLY try to follow the Royals as long as I can this year.  But right now I'm focused on Liverpool (who had a HUGE win last night over Arsenal in the Champions League Quarterfinals) and the KC Wizards.  That will get me through to August when football can take over my life again. you have to ask.

4 - It hasn't been as unbearable in KC yet as I'd have thought.  I keep thinking the wave of crap is coming soon, but it will probably wait until after Bill Self has an "I'm Staying" type of moment.  And I definitely think Self is staying, as outlined in a roundtable a couple of weeks ago.  The money won't be the big pull (although that is a ridiculous amount of money).  I think as soon as Self beat Roy, the kansas basketball program was completely his and that was something you can't buy.  Now that he's won the National Title there, he won't leave for quite some time.  No way.

The Beef: Oh wow...I cannot believe you would besmirch Teen Wolf like that...there is PLENTY of hoop action in that movie...all the way down to how the score never made sense and the guy whose pants were falling off as the credits rolled....OK...that last part is not basketball related, but any movie that has a quote of, "Shoot it fat boy!" has to be basketball-related.

1 - Actually...I am with Ross on question #1, not so much because of my life span, but because I had no stake in that 1993-1994 as I did not know of Mizzou really until Sept of 1994 when I was accepted.  The only contact I had with the school was actually the kicked ball game, when I saw the highlights as a cut-away from a Penn State and recall thinking, "Well, that sucks".  But that was it.  So yes, for that reason, 2007 means far more to me than 1994 does.  And honestly, I am with Ross on the 2nd part of the answer in terms of not trading the win at Arrowhead (even though I was not there) for much.  Honestly, the win at Arrowhead was improved because it was against kU, but it meant more than that...#1 ranking, exposure, all that stuff.  I just was not born, nor have I ever fully developed the hatred most MU fans have for kU, so occasionally I get caught stepping back and laughing at how ridiculously twisted up MU fans get about kU.  For instance, the MU fan on another board who posed the question about if MU fans would rather have a football national title this year, but to get it, it meant kU had to win on Monday, or would we prefer for neither team to win.  Are you kidding me?  I mean, the response to it was about the same, but our lunatic fringe really makes me chuckle and worry at the same time on occasion.

2 - Wow...tough.  My natural instinct would have been to say Bull Durham for many of the same reasons Matt reviewed...but in thinking a little more on it, I have to say Field of Dreams.  I remember my family seeing it in the theatre (which was something since my dad was not known to sit through many a movie back then) and remember him tearing up as we walked out.  I remember distinctly then not understanding why, but later getting it when I saw it again and was old enough to understand it.

3 - And I too am with Ross on the overdosing of NHL playoffs.  Thanks to a decent cable package, I have Versus in HD along with the NHL Network and HDNET (not sure if they show playoff games or not) I have a lot of options.  No better moment in competition than NHL Overtime Playoffs.  And not too sold on where and how NJ finished the year, but getting their first win in eight against NY came at the right time, it at least clinched home ice (such as it is, there will still be plenty of NY fans who get tickets at The Rock).  I don't REALLY into baseball until the NBA playoffs are done, though I don't get into those until the NHL is about done, or at least not playing every night.  College Baseball will certainly keep my interest with Mizzou, there ever a time when we are NOT interested in porn?

As for the youtube clips, they are blocked at work, so I got nothing on those.

ZouDave: I thought you were at the kicked ball game, Seth.  Am I thinking of something else?

The Beef: I meant the 5th down....that is my bad....we may need The Boy to do some fancy editing there

The Boy: No way, dude.


The Boy: Kids and their damn youtubes...

1 - A buddy of mine said he realized a few weeks ago that there was no way KU wasn't winning the national title.  Mizzou fans collectively sold their souls for a win at Arrowhead, and the devil always collects.  As for my question to Mizzou fans...if the '94 team had actually made the Final Four (or better), then I'd have to say '94.  But as it is, it has to be football.  I very clearly remember the '94 MU-OU game at Lloyd Noble, and Piatkowski's shot rimming out...and while I didn't see the 3OT Braggin' Rights game, I've read enough about it now to realize how special it is in Mizzou basketball's overall history...but it still has to be 2007 football.  It stinks that the season only ended in the Cotton Bowl and not something bigger, but...there are just so many memories from that season that felt like a giant exorcism of demons...gotta go with that.

2 - Dave's right--there's something about baseball that makes it best for the big screen.  There have been good football movies and (I guess) good basketball movies, but they just don't compare to baseball (just as it seems there's nothing better than basketball for the written word at the moment).  I think Robot has it right.  Major League's more enjoyable, and Bull Durham's the better overall movie.  That said, I'd still choose to watch Major League (as I'm doing right now).  I remember every damn line from this movie, and all it takes is two notes of the opening credits song to make me smile.  And besides, Rene Russo > Susan Sarandon.  I watched Field of Dreams the other day on one of the Starz/Encore channels, and I must hasn't aged as well as Major League and Bull Durham.  It's obviously the best 'movie' of the bunch, but it's not nearly as enjoyable.  And I'm sorry, but The Natural is extremely overrated.  Have never enjoyed that one.  Not sure why.

3 - It's April, so I'm still paying attention to my Pirates.  Once May begins, and the Pirates' season is over, I stray toward NBA, however I do so with an eye on the NHL scoreboards...nothing's better than OT playoff hockey.  One of my fondest college memories is of studying for a test with my roommate and postponing the study for OT hockey...Penguins-Flyers.  Have to watch OT hockey!  Well...three hours and four OT periods later, studying was still postponed.  You just can't take your eyes off the screen for 5 seconds, else you might miss the ending.

4 - It honestly doesn't surprise me much that Quin has turned into a decent pro coach...the Coach K system requires stronger talent than he ever had here.  With pro-level talent, all of Quin's coaching philosophies can actually take shape.  His biggest problem at Mizzou was that he was only getting 3- and 4-star level talent, and his system required 4- and 5-star level talent.

And yes...spring football injuries do indeed suck.

Doug: I'll be perfectly honest... I didn't know the ball was going in.  I was praying for it, but I didn't know it was going to cut the cords.  I didn't sit down for the last 4 minutes of regulation or overtime.  I was too busy losing it.

1 - Short answer: no.

I think a football title would be great, but would I be able to look back on 2007 and say, well, KU really earned that football championship with a schedule of Central Michigan, SE Louisiana, Toledo and FIU?  Not to mention the weaker portion of the Big 12 South?  Probably not.

But this... this so far exceeds my wildest imagination of what it would feel like it is indescribable.  An entire season leads up to a 3 week long, 6 game stretch that literally has you living and dying with every second of play.  Sure, the bracket in the Mid-west broke favorably for KU, no doubt about that.  But, to have to play the Cinderella of the tournament with the hottest player in the country, then play the overall number one seed (and exorcise some demons along the way) and then win the championship.  Monday night was one big celebration.  Of course, I was at work, so the first person I celebrated with?  The janitor.

I will also say, despite my angst and disillusionment that it was all over with about 4 minutes left Monday night, I should have known better.  That team had absolutely no pressure on it.  You could tell from Bill Self's locker room speech.  He was calm, they were calm... it wasn't about building to a fever pitch minutes before the game... it was talking about doing what needed to be done... but also about having fun and taking advantage of the moment.  Bill Self is a fabulous coach.  And, this was a fabulous team.

And, now, I've probably written more about Kansas basketball than anyone wants to read on a Missouri blog.

2 - I'm going to go underrated baseball movie on you... The Sandlot.  And Bull Durham.

3 - I'm taking some time off from caring about sports for a while, but I imagine when I do care again, I'll be catching some Royals' games or some T-Bones' games.  Perhaps even, gasp, an MLS game or two (I can't believe I just said that.)

4 - Yeah, I've got some issues... mainly with Oklahoma State.  It's a good thing KU won Monday night because otherwise I would have driven to Stillwater and firebombed the place.  Here's my thought, the NCAA should place a ban on the firing and hiring of coaches until after the national championship game, you can fire a guy right after the buzzer sounds, but not a second before.  That way we do away with this crap about guys being rumored going to places right before their teams play in the biggest games of their lives.

I've no idea what Bill Self is going to do.  I do feel better after watching him at the Memorial Stadium celebration yesterday.  He completely didn't except the joy of the fans in welcoming home the team, and you could tell it got to him a little bit.  Also, the OSU AD has come out and said the numbers the press are putting out there are wildly inflated and not accurate.  I have every confidence that Lew Perkins will make Bill Self the highest paid coach in the Big 12, and probably number two in the country behind Bill Donovan.
Okay, I've come all this way to say, what do you guys think of the hiring and firing ban?  And what do you think will happen with Self in the next couple of weeks.

The Beef: The hiring/firing ban is a nice thought in theory, but it would never work in reality...too many schools who are not involved in post season play (despite the NCAA’s best effort...who ended up winning between Bradley and Tulsa anyway?) would be at a loss...not too sure what the recruiting contact period looks like then too, but that has to come into play.

You are right to be annoyed the way it came up this against kU...but I don’t think there is a reasonable fix.

The Boy: As I mentioned last week, I thought it was a total dick move to a) fire Sean Sutton, and b) fire Sean Sutton when they did.  Obviously I didn't mind the thought of a "will he jump?" cloud hanging over KU heading into the Final Four, but it was still crap.  It would obviously be damn near impossible to impose some sort of ban, since a lot of teams' seasons ended over three weeks ago, and naturally they'd be wanting to make their fires/forced resignations and get going on the search, but...the thought of the post-final Tuesday being some sort of Black Tuesday with a ton of teams firing their guys at once is kinda fun...

ZouDave: You can't legislate when coaches get fired.  You're telling me Missouri should have had to stay with Snyder for the rest of that season instead of showing him the door after the Baylor loss?  Negative!

The rules probably just need to be more strictly enforced about contacting coaches currently under contract, even through the media.  That kind of stuff just shouldn't be allowed to get out.  That would take care of your problem.

mizzourobot: Doug...

1 - I feel like Achmed the Terrorist...

Congratulations, that's so great for you (I kill you!).   I'm so happy that you got to taste the sweet joy of victory (I kill you!).  I can't believe you managed to fight your way through such stiff competition (I hate your guts with all of my cold, black heart).  This truly was a win for the ages (kill you).

2 - +1 Sandlot. "Forrrrreeeevvvvvvvver...

3 - Hop on the Royals bandwagon, baby! Where's my "Believe!" shirt? Oh, and I like how you trump the NHL guys for obscure sport absolutely no one gives a shit about.  Except for my wife who is now bargaining for a 2 to 1 NBA to NHL playoff watching ratio and threatening to remove sex and dinner from the table.

4 - Am I the only one that looks at OSU, then looks at freaking Kansas (for basketball), and goes "You would have to pay him enough money to have Lindsey Lohan flown in naked on a parachute with cocaine under her arms to get him to go there" ?  Seriously.  It would be one thing if it was Texas, and you were getting a better town to live in or UCLA or Duke.  But OSU? Really? My guess is he sticks around.

I don't really mind the hiring and firing thing.  I mind it as a fan, and that I completely understand.  You don't want your coach poached.  I felt the same way when Pinkel's name started popping up this season.  But outside of that, coaches do a job.  They deserve the same kind of job flexibility and negotiating power as any other employee.

Doug: I certainly wouldn't want to stick MU with Snyder for the rest of that season... although.....

No, I think you would be allowed to fire in season, but once your conference tournament started and until the last Monday, you would have to stick with your head coach or interim head coach as the case may be.

I think then you also cut out what Indiana did to their interim head coach... why can't I remember his name?  That team was in the crapper, but the school didn't help it by saying, we'll be forming a search committee right now... hours before the first round game.

Michael Atchison: 1 - Yes, congrats to Doug.  And he shouldn’t give up one for the other.  Both championships are unspeakably glorious.

Is there a reason I have to pick?  Both were great.  1994 was a great, great ride with a conference title, but it ended with a loss.  2007 was a great, great ride without a conference title, but it ended in a win.  Let me find a coin and I’ll flip it.

2 - The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings.

3 - This is the period of the year I call The Great Long Nothingness.  I’m going to read about forty books and catch all the live music I can.

The Boy: Look, I good to you.  I stick up for you.  You no help me f--- you, Jobu.  I do it myself.

ZouDave: What language is this?


They got chili dogs over there?

Forget it, I'll order.


What is it?  The chick?

That's my wife!

Does she know that?

I mean, she would've been if I hadn't screwed it up.  Who's that guy she's with?

I don't know, he's not wearing a name tag.

Want me to drag him outta here?  Kick the s--- out of him?

mizzourobot: You have no...MARBLES!

Major League 2, I know, but still...

ZouDave: also from Major League 2:

You okay, Pedro?

Okay?  I am free and clear.

Did he say free and queer?


The Boy: I refuse to acknowledge that any sequels to Major League actually exist.

rptgwb: You trying to tell me that Jesus Christ can't hit a curveball?

ZouDave: What's that shit on your chest?

Crisco.  Bardol.  Vagisil.  Any one of 'em will give you another 2-3 inches drop on your curveball.  'Course if the umps are watching me close I just rub a little jalapeno inside my nose, get it running, then if I need to the ball up I just sniff wipe my nose.

You put snot on the ball?

Haven't got an arm like yours, I gotta put anything on it I can find.  Someday you will, too.

Michael Atchison: Today’s trivia:  My buddy TJ’s dad was the Red Sox manager in Major League 2.  Or so I’m told.  I haven’t seen it.

I had about two minutes to respond before.  Got some more time now.

I will confess that somehow, I’ve never actually seen The Natural.  Heresy, I know, but it’s the truth, and the truth shall set you free.  Or something like that.  I do know that the answer to the question cannot be Field of Dreams because, although it has its charms, it’s just too preachy and manipulative – I think the whole idea was a way to make men aged 35-44 cry.  Bull Durham, on the other hand, is where I learned that grown men should read books, iron their clothes, and drink Scotch in private.  Name another piece of pop culture that teaches three such valuable lessons.

All these confessions that you guys don’t remember 1994 has me feeling old (that today is my 40th birthday probably doesn’t help, either; yeah, that was a solicitous comment).  Ten years ago, KU’s championship would have crushed me (oddly enough, 1988 didn’t bother me at all; I was in college and it was generally conceded that Billy Tubbs represented a greater evil than did Larry Brown), but Monday’s game didn’t.  Age has mellowed me some.  But the event did leave me feeling a little wistful, because I remember a time when the two programs were on pretty even footing, and the Hawks showed that the chasm between them now is as broad as it has ever been.

The 1994 Big Eight title was Mizzou’s eighth in nineteen seasons.  Oklahoma won five in that span, Kansas won five (it shared one of them with Oklahoma State), and K-State won the other.  It was also Missouri’s last conference title in basketball.  We used to expect to go toe-to-toe with the best teams in the country and beat them (twice taking the number one ranking from Kansas in 1990 was about as good as it gets in the regular season).  Still, what happened in ’94 was completely unexpected.  The previous year had been one of the worst in the recent memory, a seventh-place finish in the Big Eight was salvaged only by a very improbable conference tournament title.  Nobody expected the Tigers to make any sort of run in 94, and when Arkansas drilled them by 52 points in the season’s second game it looked worse than feared, and they followed that by eking out wins over meager teams.  But then came the Illinois game (someone gave me a copy on DVD yesterday by the way, if anyone wants to come over and watch).  I wasn’t there, but I was watching on television, and it remains the most remarkable basketball game I’ve ever seen (and as far as Mizzou in general goes, only this past season’s football game against Kansas compares).  Pure exhilaration.  From that point on, the Tigers started crushing teams.  They had a little misstep at Notre Dame, but they wouldn’t lose any other games until the Big Eight tournament.  They were just so methodical.  Melvin Booker was a surgeon, carving up opponents so skillfully that they didn’t know what had happened until it was over.  Except for the flat performance against Arizona in the elite eight, everything about that season was pretty perfect.  A guy like me could walk around Kansas City with his chest puffed out.  It was great, great fun.

Now one of you geniuses needs to get busy building a time machine so I can show up at the KCI Airport Marriott on April 4, 1999 and hire Bill Self.

The Boy: As we all know from reading Mizzou Sanity, Bill Self would have still gone to KU in 2003, but at least we'd have gotten to watch Deron Williams play for a few years...

Michael Atchison: Self might have gone somewhere, but I don’t think you can get to Kansas from Missouri.

ZouDave: Happy birthday Atch!!!

The Boy: (Yes, happy birthday indeed.)

Oh I think he'd have would have made for an unbelievable jolt to the rivalry (not that it needed one) too...

Michael Atchison: Doug probably has a better perspective on this than the rest of us, but would Kansas fans stand for hiring a Missouri guy?  I remember when Mark Turgeon’s name was floated for the Mizzou opening.  People turned apoplectic.  Let’s go with this hypothetical.  Mangino leaves after the Orange Bowl to take the Michigan job.  Would Kansas make a play for Pinkel?

The Beef: And you knew this was coming...

Michael Atchison: I only wish I looked as good as that guy.  Thanks to all for the well wishes.

Doug: Well, I'm not 40... so I don't have quite the world experience...

Honestly, I don't know.  I'm leaning towards probably not only because of what was taking place in the KU Athletic Department at the same time.  No Athletic Director, Williams taking off and the Chancellor and Interim-AD trying to steady the boat until they could a full-time replacement.  If Self was at Missouri, with the same resume... they probably would have floated his name just to see the reaction.  (Much like the school did when they floated the idea of Bohl being fired, and it turned out to be very popular.)  Everything would have depended on the reaction of the alumni, boosters and fans.

However, if they did make the offer, I don't know that Self would have taken it, being an in-conference move to your biggest rival, the return to Columbia every year, etc.

For your hypothetical... I don't think KU would have made a play at Pinkel.  Not just because he's a Missouri guy, but because when you compare the two programs, there is a difference, not a massive difference, like say between KU and OSU  basketball (that's just a random example, by the way), but KU would have been coming off of 3 bowls in 6 or 7 years, as opposed to, what, 5 straight bowls?  I think they would have been realistic about offering to Pinkel and getting turned down.  That's a hit that would have made hiring the eventual replacement difficult.

The Boy: No no, it's in writing (by me).  He'd have been offered and accepted it.  Done deal.

Really, though, the fact that Self was an asst at KU would have made the difference, I think.  He had KU in his blood, which would have made it at least digestible to KU fans and digestible to Self it made for a really fun 'What If'...especially with us (according to me) hiring Matta to replace him and trotting out an 06-07 lineup of Mike Conley Jr., Stanley Burrell, Brandon Rush, Tyler Hansbrough, and Greg Oden...

On a completely different note, I'm now watching Game 2 of the 1979 World Series on DVD (because why not?), and I can't tell you how great I find it that...

a) the announcers for this series were Keith Jackson, Howard Cosell, and Don Drysdale, and

b) the number of mustachioed white guys in this series was unfathomable.  It's like this guy was playing every position for the O's...

Michael Atchison: Keith and Howard used to do a lot of baseball (as did Al Michaels).  I’m guessing that I’m the only one here who remembers ABC’s Monday Night Baseball franchise.  It never worked quite as well as MNF but it was certainly a big deal in the day when the only other national baseball you got was NBC’s Saturday Game of the Week.  Think about that.  If you didn’t live in a town with Major League Baseball, you could only see two games a week on TV.

I just popped the ’93 Illinois game into the computer.  A couple of things I didn’t recall:

  1. Joe Buck and Jon Sundvold called the game for Mizzou Sports Network.  That’s a pretty good tandem.
  1. The Tigers had a shot at the end of regulation to win the game, but missed.  I remembered the epic comeback to tie it, but not that last sequence.  And I’ll tell you, it’s still thrilling to see Lamont Frazier drain the game-tying three-pointer.

Doug: I've got more than 6 hours of high-def basketball taking space on my DVR, and I don't know when, if ever, I'm going to delete them.

I imagine it'll still send shivers down my spine to watch that three pointer splash, hear Jim Nantz's call... and, God help me, to listen to "One Shining Moment".

ZouDave: You need to rip that stuff on to a DVD posthaste.  DVR's can and will be formatted by your cable provider sometimes (not often, but it can happen).  Can't imagine your tears if that were to happen to you.

Doug: Tears?  TEARS?  There would be bloodshed.

The Boy:

Michael Atchison: Two or three years ago, I bought a DVD player/recorder with a hard drive.  Sometime in the past year, the DVD recording feature stopped working.  I have the Mizzou-Kansas football game on the hard drive, but I can’t burn it.  Which means that I have to keep this piece o’ crap machine forever.

ZouDave: Or you have to get with me and I'll rip that thing out of there and on to a DVD for you.  As long as it still hooks up to a TV, I can capture the video out of it^.

^ - this service only available to people who don't cheer for ku.

Michael Atchison: Finally, something good comes of Rock M Nation!

The beer is on me at the Power Plant.  I’ll be the guy at the bar with a DVD recorder under his arm.

Really, I’ll send you an e-mail.

Doug: Sons of bitches.