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Mizzou 25: Coaches Edition -- Pairings!

Alright, I think we've gotten all the responses we're going to get when it comes to seeding, so here are the official matchups for the Mizzou 25 Coaches Edition Tournament, starting on Monday.

1 Norm Stewart vs 16 Cindy Stein
8 Joann Rutherford vs 9 Jay Miller
5 Rick McGuire vs 12 Brian Hoffer
4 Wayne & Susan Kreklow vs 13 Brian Blitz
6 Gene McArtor vs 11 Larry Smith
3 Brian Smith vs 14 Jared & Rebecca Wilmes
7 Tim Jamieson vs 10 Jake Jacobson
2 Gary Pinkel vs 15 Quin Snyder

We've got some whoopins coming in some of those matchups, but oh well...