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Mizzou Links, May Day!

A small(ish) links post today, as the more interesting links are below this post.  The "mainstream media has skewed off-course" versus "blogs are a bunch of dirty losers in a bathrobe, typing away in their mother's basement" tension seems to have come to a head.  Oh yeah, and seed the coaches!

Well...retire the first 13 major league batters of your career, 7 by strikeout, and you'll get moved into the rotation pretty quickly!  The KC Star has more, as does Mizzourah.

It's the Trib's turn to take a look at Mizzou Baseball's suddenly horrific offense.  I think Jamieson's "confidence" prescription doesn't quite explain the problem, but it sure wouldn't hurt to find some of that confidence tap into the bat's chi.  But hey...Taylor Stadium's grass looks great!

It's time for another version of everybody's favorite silly, arbitrary exercise, the Tiger Ten!

After getting distracted by NFL Draft posts, Dave Matter gets back to his spring reviews by taking a look at the D-Line.  The money quote:

Given the chance, Keck and Earnhardt both put some heat on the backfield, while Keck made several stops against the run, too. Resonno and Hamilton looked overpowering at times. If all four continue to develop, the future is promising across the front four and 2009 will be less of a rebuilding year on defense as some have suggested. Gary Pinkel has said the 2007 recruiting class was MU’s best ever for defensive linemen and that the incoming class, which includes Aldon Smith, Jimmy Burge, Jacquies Smith and others, might be better.

Finally, I can't really say I understand why BCS teams would reject a Plus One game--they get to make all the other money from all the other bowls in the current structure, only they get to make one more game's worth of money if they want to--but I also can't say I'm surprised.  But this...

Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese and Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe, for the first time, made it known publicly that their leagues were also against moving the BCS in any way toward a playoff.

"There's a strong sense in that room of the slippery slope view that there's never been a collegiate or professional playoff that's stopped at four teams," Delany said.

Tranghese said he favored an unseeded version of a plus-one, which would set the championship game matchup after the four major bowls are played using the BCS standings, over seeding the top four and playing them off.

"The seeded model looked like a playoff, and we don't think a playoff is in the best interest of college football," he said. overthinking at its finest.