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Mizzou Links, 5-14-08

Hooray...Mizzou's back on's college football front page!  There are two Big 12-related stories: a Big 12 spring "questions & answers" wrap-up and a "Can't wait to see these things" piece.  From the latter:

Kansas and Missouri came out of nowhere to contend for the Big 12 title last season. Will both teams be able to keep pace without several of their star players? The Jayhawks lost tailback Brandon McAnderson, All-America cornerback Aqib Talib and tackle Anthony Collins. The Tigers lost RB Tony Temple, center Adam Spieker and tight end Martin Rucker. Which team will adjust faster?

Just to pick a quick nit, we were kinda sorta the Big 12 North favorites last year.  That's not exactly coming out of nowhere.  But hey, the attention's great.

Thank goodness for PowerMizzou, as without them, I'd already be more-or-less out of links for the day.  First up from PM is a Nebraska spring wrap-up.

Next up is a look back at Mizzou's 2003 recruiting class, complete with re-rankings.  For example...

Lorenzo Williams: Williams came to Missouri as a three-star linebacker. He left as one of the Big 12's best defensive tackles. What Williams gave Missouri on the field was impressive. What he did off of it may have been better. Of all the leaders, Zo might have been the best. He was the heart and soul of a defense that went from largely questioned to one of the league's best by season's end. No player put more emotion into his five years at Missouri.

Adjusted ranking: 4 stars

Also from PM...everybody's favorite fun, pointless exercise, the Tiger Ten!

Finally...simply because a) I need to fill some more space, b) I mentioned Nebraska football above, and c) it's time to drum up some energy for this weekend's MU-NU baseball series, I bring you...YouTube!

Good times.