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Mizzou 25: Coaches Edition (Final Four!)

UPDATE: Called after 63 votes. To nobody's surprise, Norm coasts to the finals easily, winning this one 92%-7%. Nice run by McGuire, though.

That's right...we've reached the Final Four in the Mizzou 25 Coaches Edition, the tournament to determine who was the best, most likable, most influential Mizzou coach in the last 25 years! We rounded through an upset-free first round, and we'll hopefully see a little more competition in the second. Click here for the bracket.

5/19: 1 Norm Stewart vs 5 Dr. Rick McGuire
5/20: 2 Gary Pinkel vs 3 Brian Smith

1 Norm Stewart vs 5 Rick McGuire




Career Record at Mizzou:

Five Best Seasons:
75-76 - 26-5 (Elite Eight)
79-80 - 25-6 (Sweet 16)
81-82 - 27-4 (Sweet 16)
88-89 - 29-8 (Sweet 16)
93-94 - 28-4 (Elite Eight)

Career All-Americans:

Five Best Athletes:
Christian Cantwell
Derrick Peterson
Natasha Kaiser-Brown
Ashley Wysong
Russ Bell

The face of Mizzou Athletics for three decades, Stewart was first an all-time great Mizzou athlete, getting his number retired at Mizzou for his basketball exploits and playing on Mizzou's 1954 National Championship Baseball team. Oh yeah, and he won 634 games in 32 seasons as Tiger head coach, leading Mizzou to two Elite Eights and coaching 8 All-Americans and 29 NBA draftees along the way. He's also the most quotable Missouri Tiger ever, spitting out Normisms faster than you can write them down. Dr. McGuire is one of the most respected names in track & field, both in the classroom (he’s a faculty member in the MU College of Education and has headed the sports psychology program for US Track & Field for 25 years) and on the track, where he’s coached 119 All-Americans and twice been named Conference Coach of the Year. He has coached some of Mizzou's most accomplished athletes in any sport. He is an institution.