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Mizzou 25: Coaches Edition (FINALS)

We're to the end of the Mizzou 25 Coaches Edition, the tournament to determine who was the best, most likable, most influential Mizzou coach in the last 25 years! The Finals pit two coaches who have plowed their way through to the finals with no regard for human life. Norm Stewart has won his matchups by an average of 97%-3%, while Brian Smith has averaged an impressive 84%-15%. Though they only served in the athletic department at the same time for about one year, they both created a reputable program against considerable odds and found their way to #1 rankings and All-American honors.

If you want to see how this competition played out, click here for the bracket. We encourage you to pass this link to anybody and everybody. After Ben Askren's Mizzou 25 win and Brian Smith's dominant win over Gary Pinkel in the Mizzou 25 Coaches semis, it's safe to say that Mizzou Wrestling fans will be representing strongly, so it's up to fans of Norm and Mizzou Basketball to do the same. Consider that a challenge. And with that said...

1 Norm Stewart vs 3 Brian Smith




Career Record at Mizzou:

Five Best Seasons:
75-76 - 26-5 (Elite Eight)
79-80 - 25-6 (Sweet 16)
81-82 - 27-4 (Sweet 16)
88-89 - 29-8 (Sweet 16)
93-94 - 28-4 (Elite Eight)

Career Record at Mizzou:

Five Best Seasons:
2001-02 - 18-3
2002-03 - 15-6 (2nd in Big 12)
2003-04 - 15-3
2005-06 - 13-4-1
2006-07 - 12-2 (2nd in Big 12, #3 in country)

The face of Mizzou Athletics for three decades, Stewart was first an all-time great Mizzou athlete, getting his number retired at Mizzou for his basketball exploits and playing on Mizzou's 1954 National Championship Baseball team. Oh yeah, and he won 634 games in 32 seasons as Tiger head coach, leading Mizzou to two Elite Eights and coaching 8 All-Americans and 29 NBA draftees along the way. He's also the most quotable Missouri Tiger ever, spitting out Normisms faster than you can write them down. A decade ago, Smith took over a moribund wrestling program and set out to build a national power, slowly but surely. He has succeeded, producing 8 All-Americans, coaching Mizzou 25 Champion Ben Askren to two national titles, and, in 2007, leading Mizzou to a #1 national ranking. In training methods and results, Mizzou Wrestling has fulfilled Brian Smith's vow of becoming a powerhouse.