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NCAA Baseball Tourney Selection: UGH!

Well, the good news is, Mizzou got a 2-seed in the NCAA Tourney.  The bad news is, they got the last 2-seed, meaning they're going to #1 overall seed Miami-FL's region.  Goodie.  The whole region is as follows:

1 Miami-FL (#1) vs 4 Bethune-Cookman
2 Missouri vs 3 Ole Miss

Other Big 12 teams...

Stillwater Region

1 Oklahoma State vs 4 Western Kentucky
2 Wichita State vs 3 TCU

Lincoln Region

1 Nebraska vs 4 Eastern Illinois
2 UC Irvine vs 3 Oral Roberts

Houston Region

1 Rice vs 4 Sam Houston State
2 Texas vs 3 St. John's

College Station Region

1 Texas A&M vs 4 UI-Chicago
2 Dallas Baptist vs 3 Houston

Tempe Region

1 Arizona State vs 4 Stony Brook
2 Vanderbilt vs 3 Oklahoma

No Big 12 team got one of the Top 8 national seeds, which is a bit surprising to me.  The entire bracket can be found here.