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Mizzou Links, Cinco De Mayo

Typical weekend series for Mizzou.  Win on Friday, win on Saturday, blow opportunities and lose on Sunday (with a well-timed error thrown in).  Granted, that's better than getting swept (like last weekend), but...this team's flaws aren't healing quickly.  And one is only getting worse.  Granted, the LOB issue is...well, still an issue.  At least, it was on Sunday.  And the defense isn't too hot.  But...more of an issue would be this:

Weekend versus Kansas State

  • Starters: 19.1 IP, 19 H, 9 ER, 16 K, 5 BB, 4.19 ERA
  • Bullpen: 8.2 IP, 17 H, 9 ER, 10 K, 3 BB, 9.35 ERA

Granted, the bullpen's K rates there are quite good, but not the almost-1-run-per-K rate, huh?

The other (weirder and less explainable) issue, as mentioned earlier:

Mizzou vs Big 12

  • Fridays: 6-1
  • Saturdays: 4-3
  • Sundays: 1-6

It's just odd at this point.  I mean, Crow goes on Fridays, and that's great, but...Crow has been average at best over the last month, and we're still winning on Fridays.  And hell...we only gave up 4 runs on Sunday (and 3 last Sunday), by far the least of the weekend, and we lost anyway.  Just weird.  Guess the 1pm start times are just a bit too early.  Either way, we said they needed to go at least 3-1 this week to still have a chance at hosting a regional...and they went 2-2.

Records fell in Lincoln this weekend, as Mizzou freshman Rhea Taylor set the Big 12 stolen bases mark and Amanda Renth set the Mizzou season HR mark in a 9-4 win over Nebraska.  It was a nice way to salvage a disappointing split of the 2-game series (they blew a lead and lost on Saturday).  Mizzou will be the 3-seed in this coming weekend's Big 12 Softball Tournament, facing 6-seed Texas Tech on Friday.

Basketball recruiting news!  Well...not big-time news by any means, but...2009 recruits Fred Gulley and Michael Snaer are both nearing decisions.

As spring football gets further and further away, Dave Matter goes ahead and posts spring reviews of all the positions he hadn't touched yet.

Power to the KC Star for coming up with a totally unique angle for a story--how the Kent State shootings impacted the lives of local boys Nick Saban and Gary Pinkel.

Also from the Star: Martin Rucker might move up the Browns' depth chart sooner than later.  And the P-D's Graham Watson finds a couple of blurbs on Rucker and Darnell Terrell from

Finally, the Missourian decides it's its turn to run a Quin Snyder redemption story...and just in time for the Mizzou 25 Coaches Edition!