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Mizzou Links, 5-7-08

Mizzou Baseball 5, Creighton 4.  Well...if Mizzou needed a jolt, a walk-off home run is as good as anything to do the deed.  Down 4-1 in the 8th, Mizzou got a 2-run shot from Trevor Coleman to make it 4-3, then a 2-run shot from Steve Gray in the 9th to win it.  Ian Berger bounced back from a poor bullpen appearance over the weekend by putting up an okay start (3 runs, 5.1 IP, albeit with 9 hits and a he was playing with fire there), and Scooter Hicks bounced back from a blown save on Sunday to put up two scoreless innings and get the win.  Mizzou hosts SMS tonight.  Lord only knows who will see mound time in that one.

I still really don't agree with how these scores are compiled, but Mizzou Football is fourth in the Big 12 in academic performance according to the APR.  Last place is enjoyable here--not only is KU in last in the Big 12, but they were one of only two teams in the country to lose scholarships in football.  Beyond football, here's what Dave Matter says: "Missouri received public recognition awards for six teams, all on the women’s side: basketball, women’s cross country, golf, swimming, outdoor track and indoor track."  Nothing wrong with that!  Also: K-State is one of four basketball teams that could lose up to two scholarships.

The latest Tiger Ten has everybody from a small-school Oklahoma QB to the #1 DE in the country.  So it's got THAT going for it...

So I don't know how this name slipped by everybody, but apparently 4-star SF Christian Watford (Rivals' #47 prospect for 2009) has Mizzou solidly in his Top 5.

Finally, in response to my 'Culture vs Caliber' post yesterday, a Virginia Tech fan chimes in at SMQB.  And yes, links are sparse enough this morning that I linked to a comment.  Sue me.