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Mizzou 25: Coaches Edition (Round One)

UPDATE: Called after 43 votes. Dr. Rick wins easily, 88%-11%.

Time to get started with Round One of the Mizzou 25 Coaches Edition! It's time to determine who was the best, most likable, most influential Mizzou coach in the last 25 years! Competitors were seeded by more normal methods this time (as opposed to the chronological seeding of the Players Edition), and over the next week and a half, we'll be plowing through the first round matchups.

Voting for Rutherford v. Miller continues, as only one vote separates the two (for now). Click here for the bracket.

5/5: 1 Norm Stewart vs 16 Cindy Stein
5/6: 8 Joann Rutherford vs 9 Jay Miller
5/7: 5 Rick McGuire vs 12 Brian Hoffer
5/8: 4 Wayne & Susan Kreklow vs 13 Brian Blitz
5/9: 6 Gene McArtor vs 11 Larry Smith
5/10: 3 Brian Smith vs 14 Jared & Rebecca Wilmes
5/12: 7 Tim Jamieson vs 10 Jake Jacobson
5/13: 2 Gary Pinkel vs 15 Quin Snyder

And yes, some of these matchups should be massive blowouts. Oh well.

Let's get rolling!

5 Rick McGuire vs 12 Brian Hoffer




Five Best Athletes:
Christian Cantwell
Derrick Peterson
Natasha Kaiser-Brown
Ashley Wysong
Russ Bell
Five Best Athletes:
Matt Ferrarelli
Rebecca Wolfe
Marionna Costa
Dylan Linn
Kendra Melnychuk
Dr. McGuire is one of the most respected names in track & field, both in the classroom (he’s a faculty member in the MU College of Education and has headed the sports psychology program for US Track & Field for 25 years) and on the track, where he’s coached 119 All-Americans and twice been named Conference Coach of the Year. He is an institution. A three-time Conference Coach of the Year (in '93, '94, and '04), Hoffer has stood watch over a program that has grown steadily in both prowess and facilities. Under his watch, the Mizzou women have gone 96-22-1 (an .811 win percentage) over the last decade, and his recruiting classes have continued to improve in recent years, suggesting further and sustained success ahead.