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Mizzou Links, 5-8-08

Not surprisingly, last night's MU-SMS game was canceled due to massive wetness.  It will not be made up.  (Shortest press release ever, by the way.)  Oh well...we couldn't have generated any more momentum than we did the night before with the walk-off HR.

Just in case you need a reminder of why a) KU sucks, and b) these particular MU and KU teams have a history, check this out (via trrip).  And while we're checking out links trrip found, the Topeka Capital-Journal checks in on Aaron Crow, who's 10-0 despite his ERA going up about 3 runs in the last month.

PowerMizzou catches up with a pair of future Tiger WRs...2008 signee Rolandis Woodland and 2009 commit Kerwin Stricker.

Speaking of future thing's for certain about SF Laurence Bowers: he can dunk.

The Missourian has a decent story on MU Women's Golf Coach Stephanie Priesmeyer, about to lead her squad to its sixth straight NCAA Regional appearance.

Steve Walentik has a nice link dump on his Trib blog...covering everything from Tom Crean & Indiana to one of Dave Bliss's assistants at Baylor.

Finally, when I was living in the dorms, I got to witness one of the funniest things ever when there was a "Who knows __ better?" competition between a good friend's girlfriend and his high school best friend.  There was a series of events related to what he was like growing up, sports, and predicting his answer to certain questions (Q: "What are Rice Krispies made of?" Correct Answer: "F--- you."  Don't ask.)  It was all very enjoyable...and apparently 10 years ahead of its time.  ESPN the Mag had the same competition, between Tyson Chandler's wife and Tyson Chandler's teammate, Jannero Pargo.