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All-Conference Nominations

Taking a nod from our SBN colleagues over at Crimson and Cream Machine and our friends at The Ralphie Report, various Big 12 bloggers are coming together to help form the Blogger Preseason All-Big 12 team.

The rules are as follows:

From each of your respective rosters on the following tabs, highlight the following number of players at each position whom you wish to nominate for the Big 12 team- (1) qb (2) rb (2) wr (1) te (3) ol (3) dl (2) lb (3) db (1) k (1) p

Here's my Missouri nomination form, as it stands:

  • QB: Chase Daniel (A no-brainer. Should be first-team All-Big 12 in a conference littered with outstanding quarterbacks.)
  • RB: Derrick Washington and Jimmy Jackson (I doubt either will make the preseason Blogger All-Big 12 team, but should be a very serviceable 1-2 punch.)
  • WR: Jeremy Maclin and Danario Alexander (Maclin should be right behind Crabtree as one of the conference's elite. I gave Alexander the nod over Saunders and Perry despite the injury.)
  • TE: Chase Coffman (Our beloved Y-Button/Thrust Nunchuck Upwards should be one of, if not the conference's best, alongside OU's Graham and OSU's Pettigrew)
  • OL: Ryan Madison, Kurtis Gregory and Colin Brown (Went with the three returning starters - simple enough.)
  • DL: Stryker Sulak, Tommy Chavis and Ziggy Hood (I think Sulak gets overlooked by the majority of non-Mizzou fans)
  • LB: Sean Weatherspoon and Brock Christopher ('Spoon's 07 season was All-Big 12 worthy, and his new leadership role in 08 should only help)
  • DB: William Moore, Carl Gettis and Castine Bridges (Willy Mo should be on anyone's All-American team, much less their All-Big 12 team. Gettis is evolving into a shutdown corner, and Bridges came a long way last year.)
  • K: Jeff Wolfert (The most clutch kicker in the Big 12, having never missed a kick in conference play in the last two seasons)
  • P: Jake Harry (The spot had to be filled...)
So, any discrepancies? Who do you think has a legitimate case for the Blogger All-Big 12 squad?