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Buffalo: Community Projections



It's Friday, which means it's time for Community Projections! This week, the attention span-draining task of looking at non-conference comes to an end by taking our final look at Buffalo. Here's a look at what went down earlier in the week:

Here are the questions, awaiting your response in the comments below:

1. What is the final score of the Mizzou/Buffalo game in Columbia?

2. What record will Buffalo finish with in 2008 and what bowl (if necessary) will they be invited to?

3. Where does Vegas set the point spread for this game?

4. How many yards will the Mizzou defense surrender?

5. What will be the Faurot Field attendance for this game?


On an interesting note, only half of Buffalo's 12 games are set to be played on Saturdays. I can't imagine going to class on WEDNESDAY the morning after a big conference game. Hooray for Mizzou being in a BCS conference. To save you a trip to Google, here's Buffalo's schedule in 2008:

8/28  vs. UTEP
9/6 at Pitt
9/13 vs. Temple
9/20  at Missouri
9/27  at Central Michigan
10/11 vs. Western Michigan
10/18  vs. Army
10/28 at Ohio 
11/4  vs. Miami (OH)
at Akron
at Bowling Green
vs. Kent State