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Mizzou Links, 6-27-08

Another day, another commitment for Mizzou. This time it's Springdale (AR) QB Ashton Glaser. He's a relative unknown--his only offers are from Mizzou and Arkansas State--but a lot of schools are/were moving in on him. We'll see what happens if somebody like Arkansas or OU were to offer, but he's a perfect fit in the Mizzou spread, as you'll see from the highlights on his homepage. Dave Matter has a bit more on Glaser. At 6'1/215, the dude's certainly built like Chase Daniel...if he's got some of the same mental makeup, everybody will be quite pleased.

Speaking of commitments, Marvin Foster has not only committed to Mizzou...but to Mizzourah's Myspace page. Pretty funny stuff...though I did like this point in particular from Big Head:

I don't know about you, but the fact that these commits are seeking Mizzou rather than the other way around as it has been in the past, is as refreshing as a Busch Stadium beer.

Congrats to the Mizzou Athletic Department--Mizzou finished #38 in the Sears U.S. Sports Academy Directors' Cup, their second ever Top 40 finish. It was good for 6th in the conference (2nd in the North), behind Texas (#5), Texas A&M (#12), Oklahoma (#23), Nebraska (#31) and Oklahoma State (#33). Just think what would happen if we had basketball teams!

Speaking of basketball, everybody's favorite freshman--Kim "Sleeps in the Gym" English had a Q&A with

Talk about your game, what do you plan on bringing to the table for the Tigers next season?

"I guess I was known for my shooting ability coming out of high school and prep school, but I’ll bring whatever it takes to help the team win. You can’t hang your hat in one area, so whatever the team needs, I’ll try to bring it."

You’ve been known to sleep in the locker room so you can get extra shooting work in… what prompted you to start that routine?

"I like shooting at night and I was up here shooting until about 3 a.m. one night and figured by the time I got to the dorms, I would only have a couple of hours to sleep before I had to get up and come back to shoot again, so I decided to sleep up here. It just makes sense and it saves me some time."


What’s been the biggest surprise for you since your arrival here in Columbia?

"I’d have to say the weather. It’s so unpredictable. It’s hot one day, cold the next. You just never know about the weather here. On the court, I’d say the combination of size and speed. I’ve played against guys bigger and guys faster, but never the combination of the size and speed. It’s all apart of the adjustment to college basketball."

You have a large freshman class, in a couple words or less, describe each of your fellow newcomers:

Keith: Big Brother
Marcus: Focused
Miguel: Funny
Steve: He’s just Big Steve
Laurence: He’s pretty funny too

Mailbag!!!  (Sorry, no Peanut Butter Jelly time...not just an amazing amount of information in this one...)

Congrats to former Tiger Kareem Rush, who ended up with a pretty familiar likely roommate in last night's NBA Draft--his brother Brandon was drafted by my Trail Blazers, then traded to Kareem's Pacers. And speaking of my Blazers, Kevin Pritchard reaffirmed his position as my favorite Beaker, once again offering up quite an entertaining draft night. He managed to trade all of his original draft picks, plus Jarrett Jack and Josh McRoberts, for Jerryd Bayless, the combo guard he coveted, another European athlete that may or may not stay over in Europe for a while, and handful of more future that he has more stuff to trade next year. Always a good time with Mr. Pritchard...though at some point, teams are going to stop dealing with him (a la Billy Beane) because they're afraid they're getting screwed.

Finally, Neville "The Weatherman" Miller is about to get his grown man on, but first, it's one more stab at the Olympic dream.