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RMN and Facebook: Chemistry like Chase to Maclin


That's right. Now that Rock M Nation is all settled in our still shiny and new home on SB Nation's 2.0 platform, it's time that we join the 21st century and announce our launch on Facebook. As of yesterday afternoon, RMN is live on Facebook, where any Facebook member will have the capacity to "become a fan" of Rock M Nation. By clicking "Become a fan," a link to the RMN page of Facebook can be placed on your profile, and the RMN page will offer photos, videos, and headlines within the confines of Facebook.

This will supplement our already created Rock M Nation group (sadly, only available to those in the Missouri network) as well as the Rock M Reader application (available to all).

Additionally, Rock M Nation is proud to announce its sponsorship of Tiger's Lair (Facebook page here) in 2008. As one of the co-founders of RMN, a colleague of Tiger's Lair's founder (take a bow, Beef), and an actual current-day member of the Lair, I'm thrilled that this partnership came together.

So, please help us reach the thousands of Mizzou students/fans/alumni on the Facebook network who may not be familiar with RMN. This upcoming season could be WAY too special for anyone to miss out on here at Rock M Nation.

Note: Special shoutout to the first five fans who signed up: JJ Stankevitz, Peter Spangler, Corey Green, Anne Baxter and Dieter Kurtenbach. Touchdown handshakes in order for all of you.