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Mizzou Links, 6-9-08

Sorry these are late this morning--internet issues. This will be a short one. Anyhoo...



Well, I guess the big news from the weekend was that Danario Alexander has reinjured his knee and will miss, at minimum, 4 games this coming season. Lots of speculation on the message boards about whether or not he should be redshirted this season, but...come on. If he's healthy after 4 games (and that's certainly an 'if'), then there's absolutely no way in hell that he redshirts. We can pretend like an incoming freshman like Rolandis Woodland (or Wes Kemp, or Gahn McGaffie...or maybe recently-moved-to-WR soph La'Roderick Thomas) can step in and immediately fill the void, but every fanbase in the country has been burned at one point or another by expecting that a true frosh will come in and immediately produce, only to be caught off-guard by freshman growing pains. If Danario experiences any further setbacks, then yes...he'll need to redshirt. But missing one third of the season is not enough--especially when we don't have just a ton of depth at WR beyond Maclin, Saunders, and Perry. Anyway, the KC Star and P-D (from whom I got the above picture) have more.

Moving on to better news, Mizzou got yet another in-state commitment over the weekend. The Beef and I figured it would be a race between Strafford's Tyler Evans and Lee's Summit's Adam Burton to see who would commit first, and naturally, the winner of the race was...Springfield WR/TE Alex Sanders. Rivals has film on him, and I'll say this--he might be relatively slow if you look at him like a WR, but he runs really well in that video, and at 6'5, 205 with a wide frame, he's custom-built for a nice redshirt weight-gain. I was more impressed with his film than I figured I would be, and I think this is a nice pickup. He's commitment #8 for Mizzou...assuming Evans and Burton do both commit soon, that would make for 10 commits at the start of the summer...easily the most for Mizzou since recruiting has been followed as closely as it is now...

Finally, trripleplay has a nice (and Mizzou-related) MLB draft summary at Actually, he has a couple of them.