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Texas: Community Projections


No BS here. By now you should know the drill. Take a look at the five questions at the bottom of the post and add your responses in the comments. In case you missed out on all the Texas Week fun, here's some light catch-up reading:


Here are this week's questions, awaiting your response in the comments below:

1. What will be the final score of the Mizzou/Texas game in Austin?

2. What record will Texas finish with in 2008 and what bowl (if necessary) will they be invited to?

3. How much passing yardage will Mizzou accumulate?

4. Where do you rank DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium among Big 12 home field advantages?

5. If Mizzou exits Austin undefeated, will the Tigers run the table for the rest of the regular season?



To save you a trip to Google, here's Texas' schedule in 2008:

8/30: Florida Atlantic
9/6: at UTEP
9/13: Arkansas
9/20: Rice
10/4: at Colorado
10/11: vs Oklahoma
10/18: Missouri
10/25: Oklahoma State
11/1: at Texas Tech
11/8: Baylor
11/15: at Kansas
11/27: Texas A&M