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Mizzou Links, 7-15-08

Two things from Dave Matter's latest blog post: 1) If Virginia Tech weren't Virginia Tech, there's no way they'd be in anybody's Top 25, and 2) It's still a bit hard for me to grasp how many national publications/journalists are going to be visiting Columbia over the next 2-6 months.

Also: I'm not yet sold on Pitt.  My 'bandwagon' alert is going off with the number of folks who have suddenly decided they're going to be decent.  Dave Wannstedt's still their coach, people.  (That said, I understand the can go quite a ways with a great defense and great RB.  But...Dave Wannstedt!)

PowerMizzou continues its unit-by-unit look at the 2008 Mizzou squad by previewing the Offensive Line.

By the Numbers: 102. That is the number of games started Missouri must replace from last year's line. Monte Wyrick (10), Luellen (42) and Spieker (a school record 50) leave, taking a wealth of experience with them. Brown and Gregory started all 14 games last season and Madison started a dozen.

What do Mike Alden and Beyonce have in common?  They're survivors.

That is officially all Mike Alden and Beyonce have in common.

Finally...two things about last night's Home Run Derby: 1) How many times did an announcer say "fitting send-off" in regard to Yankee Stadium last night?  I counted 14,834.  2) Once again, the star of the derby didn't win it.  But I don't think Josh Hamilton minded too much.  Holy crap that was ridiculous.