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Mizzou Links, 7-2-08

You know if I'm starting with basketball links, they're probably some good links.  Want some hope for the 2008-09 basketball season?  Read Steve Walentik's DJ All-Star Game recap.  I'm not ready to predict a spot in the 2009 NCAA Tournament yet, but I'm ready to actually like a Mizzou basketball team again, and that's certainly something.  That said, however, if we do make the NCAAs, hopefully they don't send us out west...else I think Miguel Paul is going to be pretty worthless.  I mean...if a one-hour time change messes him up...

Coming from Florida, what's been the biggest change coming to the Midwest?

"Adjusting to the time change has been tough. I wake up in the middle of the night, thinking it's the morning quite a bit still. They weather has been fairly similar this summer, but it rains so much more here. It can be nice out one minute and then pouring the next."

We're talking about Florida Florida, right? Florida's not a province in, like, Spain, right?  I'll say this, though: quirky players are always more interesting than bland ones.  Bring on the quirks.

While we're talking about basketball, posted a revised (and free) Top 100 for the Class of 2009.  MU targets are pretty highly-regarded here--MIchael Snaer is #22, Christian Watford #50, Mike Dixon #61, Reggie Buckner #91.  Former Mizzou target (and current Illinois commit) Tyler Griffey checks in at #58.

Watch lists galore!  Remember when it was exciting to see one Mizzou player make some random watch list even though we knew there was no chance he was going to actually do anything on a national level?  Well, let's just say that Chase Daniel, Jeremy Maclin, Chase Coffman, and William Moore have already established themselves on a national level, and being named to the Maxwell and Bednarik Award Watch Lists is a side-effect.

So I'm sure this will be worth like another 16 points in EDSBS's Fulmer Cup race (12 points more than, like, rape).

Jumping on the Mizzou bandwagon?  Now you know what happenin' gear to buy thanks to Mizzourah's Bandwagoner's Guide to Mizzou Gear post!

Since there's been a pretty lengthy student ticket discussion here in recent weeks, I thought I'd post this Missourian article about the new Student Season Ticket Combo.  Not sure what's 'new' about this...could have sworn attending Olympic sports was free when I was a student too...but hey, I'm just the messenger...

Our softball team's so smart...our softball team's so smart...S-M-R-T...

Finally, this has nothing to do with Mizzou, and I'm pretty sure I'm missing about 46 inside jokes here, but you just have to love the level of Youtube trash talk involved in the video at the bottom of this post.