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Illinois Ticket Map for Braggin' Rights Game

So maybe I personally thought this was interesting, but I recently was sent a map of where Illinois donors/season ticket holders/ticket purchasers would expect to sit for the Braggin Rights Game.  I received this because I purchased four tickets from the University of Illinois when they opened the seats up (I currently own 13 tickets to the game total).  They included this map and I thought it was kind of I scanned it.  Here it is, with some additional questions after the jump.  The picture is decent size, but feel free to click on it to expand.

Ill_braggin_rights_medium thoughts

#1 - Does not take any money to get into the game right off of the bat.  I find this interesting because that pamplet says they are over 7,000 donors at this point and it would seem there is still not a ton of demand for these seats given you need not be one to get a seat.

#2 - If you give any money at all, you are in the lower bowl.  To compare, I would be sitting in the All-American Club.  Last year, I received seats in the upper bowl which were decent, but they were probably a third of the way up and not exactly in the middle.

#3 - Interesting that they would send this out to begin with, at least interesting to me.

#4 - I would really be interested to see the comparable Mizzou chart and how it breaks down, but I dont believe I have ever seen it published anywhere.


Anyway, just a little something until the BTBS post later this afternoon.