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RMN hits a milestone



While browsing our SiteMeter over the past few days, I couldn't help but notice our hit total creeping its way towards six figures. As of today, we're happy to welcome our 100,000th visit to Rock M Nation! (cue soundtrack)


Now, the numbers pale in comparison to our counterparts at better known sites, notably Burnt Orange Nation, Bruins Nation or Dawg Sports. But the milestone is a credit not to us, but to the growing online Mizzou community. We're glad to know there's a sect of people out there that shares our love of talking Mizzou athletics.

You guys have shared your thoughts, predictions, satire, concerns, and hate with us over the last nine month and 19 days, and it's very much appreciated.

So here's to you, person in St. Louis, who was referred to RMN from the pay board. Thank you for clicking your way over here a 9:56 a.m. CDT. and working your way from the Illinois ticket map to the home page to the College Football Live FanPost.