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Mizzou Links, 7-25-08

Our new friend Tim Griffin at ESPN takes a look at the best and worst Big 12 non-conference matchups of the 2008 season.  Naturally, Mizzou's at the top of one list and near the top of the other.

The Daniel dream goes through Austin.

The Trib's staff wrote a couple more stories on Mizzou opponents yesterday: Dave Matter on Texas and Joe Walljasper on Baylor.

Quick recruiting (almost) news: giant Arkansas WR Neal Barlow is nearing a decision.  His finalists are Mizzou, Arkansas, Kansas, and LSU (from whom he does not have an offer, I believe).  He's visiting LSU the beginning of next week and will (supposedly) make a decision shortly thereafter.  My bet: he stays in-state.


The Norman Transcript raises the bar on Mizzou for 2008.  Anything less than the Big 12 title means we're not moving forward anymore.

The crowd noise gets louder at home and away. The spotlight gets brighter. Opponents become more focused. Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel knows what it means for the Tigers.

“We used to be the hunters and now we’re the hunted,” he said Monday afternoon at Big 12 Football Media Days.

It’s a fact of life for the Tigers this season. Everything they do over the remaining months of 2008 will be compared to last season.

We haven't checked in on Mizzou Baseball (and therefore in a while, so here are some links: 1) Kyle Gibson (who tore it up with the US Team this summer) chatted with Baseball America a few days ago; 2) Rick Zagone is wowing Orioles fans, and 3) trrip checks in on a growing list of Mizzou in the Minors.  Poor James Boone just cannot stay healthy.

Finally, a couple quick hits of basketball not-really-news: 1) the 2008-09 Big 12 schedule is out!  Mizzou plays Kansas...twice!  (Okay, I guess it's at least news that we host KU on Big Monday once again...and that we'll be on national TV seven times...)  2) Jason Horton's assault trial won't come until at least September.  I assume he'll be as happy to be back in Como as we are happy to have him...