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Baylor: Community Projections


So does this mean Baylor Week has already come and gone? It's with a heavy heart we turn to Community Projections to round out the week. Before we begin, here's a bittersweet look back some of the great times during Baylor Week:



And now, this week's questions:


1. What will be the final score of the Mizzou/Baylor game in Waco?

2. What record will Baylor finish with in 2008 and what bowl (if necessary) will they be invited to?

3. What will be the differential in total yardage between Mizzou and Baylor?

4. Which Baylor quarterback starts against Mizzou?

5. Convince ghtd36 why Mizzou fans shouldn't be worried about this game. If your name is ghtd36, reiterate your stance.