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Mizzou Links, 7-29-08

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I admit it...weak crop of Links today...don't know where all the interesting stories went...

What happens after your best season in 45+ years, if not ever?  You set a season ticket record, that's what.

The stars in the Big 12...are big and bright...(and they're from) DEEP IN THE HEAAAAAAAAAAAAART OF TEXASSSSSSS...  Sorry.

Some speculation at Burnt Orange Nation on the outline of what will possibly be Texas' Base Nickel Defense.

If you haven't heard about what's going on in Iowa, now's a good time to catch up.  Read this, and read this.  And this.

A couple quick recruiting links: Midwest City (OK) DB Daytawion Lowe still has Mizzou near the top of his list...and OSU at the top of his list.  I doubt he goes anywhere else.  Also, Texarkana (TX) WR Cobi Hamiltonn likes Arkansas and Mizzou a lot...but probably likes Arkansas a bit more.

Former Tiger Garrett Broshuis: Big Papi Killer.

Finally...just in case you forgot how big Doug Smith was, check out the Mike Anderson camp photo gallery...