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Mizzou Links, 7-30-08

If they can get the buffering problem under control (it froze up about every 30 seconds yesterday when I was listening to this), the Trib Football Podcast has got some potential.  Meanwhile, Dave Matter continues his Top 25 countdown with #11-13.  Playing the "head to head" game, I don't see how Auburn can be ranked below BYU and Tech, but that's me.

I'm sorry, but you can't have a Big 12 hate meter and rank fans like this anywhere below #2.  If you wanna hate Texas for having all the money, fine.  But while these guys (seriously, I'm afraid to even say Ne-----a anymore) may be all sorts of polite when they win, they absolutely lose their minds when they lose. 1998 trip to Lin---n was a nightmare...if they were winning, the fans around us were as gracious as could be.  If we were winning, wires and smoke started shooting out of their heads.  A 70-year old next to us tried to start a fight with my 19-year old roommate, but when the game was over he wished us a safe trip back to Como.  It was very disturbing.  Schizophrenia usually is.

Anyway, Big Head has more.

In basketball recruiting, PowerMizzou's got an interview with 6'10 forward Keith Dewitt, whose offer list has quickly exploded.  Meanwhile, Cal's Rivals writer, not known for his objectivity, admits that Mizzou's in very good shape with Michael Snaer at the moment.

Finally, since it's K-State week, a) Ron Prince is on the hot seat...or is he?, and b) C&C Machine's got their own KSU preview up.