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Mizzou Links, 7-31-08

Well...we've got decent recruiting news and not-so-encouraging recruiting news from PowerMizzou.  The decent news?  Ronnie Wingo's dad made his first trip to Columbia with his son this week, and things seemed to go well overall.  That said, Wingo will still be making his visits this fall.

The not-so-encouraging news?  Miami is recruiting long-time Mizzou commit Sheldon Richardson...and Richardson's listening.  Miami's rivals report is even less encouraging:

"First of all, here in the midwest that's a big name school here," he said. "And they don't normally recruit down here. I really don't know if I'd be the first person from St. Louis to go to Miami, but it's a big thing to be able to go to Miami. It's a school where people say you can't make it there because you don't have that speed. They have a strong, competitive football program every year."

Inside Mizzou has more.  If you've ever wondered how long Mizzou has to win before being perceived a "big name school", check out how long you can not win and still be perceived as a "strong, competitive football program every year".  Mizzou record the last three years: 27-12.  Miami record the last three years: 21-16.  If the perceived rise takes as long as the perceived fall, it'll take at least two more 10-win seasons before kids think we're here to stay.

Do you remember where you were when you heard Chase Daniel committed?  Gabe at PowerMizzou does.  I do too, actually.  I was working at the Barnes & Noble music section on a Friday night, and The Beef called to give me the news.  I'd actually looked at his film earlier that very day and was just knocked out...and immediately regretful of having looked at the film because we probably didn't have a shot of landing him.  Six hours later, our program had found its change agent.

We found out yesterday that my own predictions don't exactly match those of, but...hey...anything that projects the Big 12 as the toughest overall conference is A-OK in my book...

Trrip...making the headline "Aaron Senne in Prison" was just cruel.

Finally, how's Christian Cantwell feeling headed into the Olympics?  Well, somebody asked him.  The KC Star and Missourian have even more on the Tigers' other Olympian...from the Missourian:

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon at the Missouri Athletics Training Complex in Columbia, Cantwell said he did not feel any different after making the team. He said he was just mad he only placed second at the trials.

"In my head I was going to make the team no matter what. I was almost injury free. I was never worried. I just knew it was going to happen," Cantwell said.

Cantwell said his first throw at the trials was not as good as he hoped, but he made up for it with the fifth throw. He said he hopes his teammates do well, but track and field is an individual sport.

"I'm not going to watch them. I'm not going to spectate," Cantwell said. "I think they should be the ones worried."

He said one of his advantages is his flexibility. He does not get emotional, especially over factors he cannot control, which could be helpful because, unlike other competitions, the Olympic shot put event will be held all in one day.

"I pride myself in not having to be perfect," Cantwell said.