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Oklahoma State: Community Projections


Happy Independence Day from all of us at Rock M Nation. And what better way to celebrate how awesome America is than by projecting your thoughts about the Oklahoma State/Missouri game and OSU's season as a whole? OK, I realize that's a horrible, awful segue, but it's certainly no excuse for you not to respond! Here's a look back at some of the classic times we've enjoyed during Oklahoma State week:

Here are this week's questions, awaiting your response in the comments below:

1. What is the final score of the Mizzou/Oklahoma State game in Columbia?

2. What record will OSU finish with in 2008 and what bowl (if necessary) will they be invited to?

3. How much yardage will Zac Robinson accumulate, both passing and rushing?

4. State one reason why this game scares you.

5. The Rant: Love it or hate it?


To save you a trip to Google, here's OSU's schedule in 2008:

8/30: vs Washington State (in Seattle)
9/6: Houston
9/13: SMS
9/27: Troy
10/4: Texas A&M
10/11: at Missouri
10/18: Baylor
10/25: at Texas
11/1: Iowa State
11/8: at Texas Tech
11/15: at Colorado
11/29: Oklahoma