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Mizzou Links, 7-9-08

Lots of heartfelt reaction to the loss of Sarah Becking yesterday.  folks at PowerMizzou, Tigerboard, SMSportsOnline, Dave Matter and Silverbox Photographers have all expressed their grief, and KOMU's Chris Gervino ended last night's sports segment with a tribute as well.  The Tiger family took a hit yesterday, and I think it's pretty clear how strongly we all thought of her work.

No easy segway here. Anyway...PowerMizzou's got a couple other nice stories up right now: Gabe takes a look at Five fresh faces for the 2008 season, and it looks like Nathan Scheelhaase's recruitment will come to an end within the next month. If he really wants to be a QB, and we've already gotten two QB commits, you can't really like our chances...but we'll see.

Moving to basketball keeps the rankings coming.  Last week I linked to their new 2009 rankings, which gave Mizzou target Michael Snaer the vaunted fifth they've got a Top 50 for 2010 as well.  Two supposed Mizzou targets make the list: 5'8 Massachusetts PG Phil Pressey comes in at #33, and Illinois C Meyers Leonard is #43.  No idea if we've got a shot at either, but we're on the list.

Thomas Gardner: Raptor Summer-Leaguer.

Alright, back to football: Winning sells.  Just ask MU and KU.

This season, Kansas is introducing luxury seating in the South end zone. A leather recliner with food service and nearby flat screen TV can be yours for $2,500.

No cushy seating is planned at MU, but like Kansas, ticket records are expected to fall.

Last season, the Tigers averaged 60,232 and sold about 34,000 season tickets. Earlier this month, MU had renewed 90 percent of its season tickets.

"That’s a figure we’re used to seeing in August," [Mizzou Marketing Director Andrew] Grinch said.

Missouri also had 3,500 new season-ticket accounts. When it’s added up by the Sept. 6 home opener, the Tigers should easily surpass the season-ticket record of 34,800 set in 2004.

The only new marketing strategy, Grinch said, was to get season-ticket information in fans’ hands earlier than usual, and to mine the data base of folks who bought single-game tickets or made purchases in the Tiger Team Store.

"It’s a direct approach, as opposed to big, flashy things," Grinch said.

Former P-D Mizzou beat writer Graham Watson is off and running at the Dot Com...and she brings good news!  SMU's going retro!  More often than not, going retro is awesome to me...not good for actual fashion or viewing pleasure...but awesome nonetheless...

Finally, it's coming.  Oh yes.  It's almost here.