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Rock M Roundtable!

De La Soul!  Ed McMahon!  Colt McCoy!  John Steinbeck!  Stewie Griffin!  Stretch Armstrong!  All on this week's Rock M Roundtable!!!!!1!!!!!1!!!


1 - It's Texas Week!  Name your favorite person (rptgwb does not count), team, restaurant, food product, steer, queer or beer (mmmmmmm...Shiner.......) to come from Texas.

2 - Where does Colt McCoy rank among Big 12 QBs?  After his freshman year, people were making a solid case that he was #1.  Now he could fall anywhere between about #2 and #9.  Thoughts?

3 - Alright, who wins on October 18?  Mizzou or Texas?  And give me a score.

4 - Here's UT's schedule.  Give me a win/loss record.

8/30: Florida Atlantic
9/6: at UTEP
9/13: Arkansas
9/20: Rice
10/4: at Colorado
10/11: vs Oklahoma
10/18: Missouri
10/25: Oklahoma State
11/1: at Texas Tech
11/8: Baylor
11/15: at Kansas
11/27: Texas A&M

5 - Who was in attendance the last time Mizzou beat Texas?  (I'm guessing the answer is not "Doug")

MizzouRobot: 1. here, the list is long... I'm going to have to say Willie Nelson.  Although Shiner is a close second, followed by a restaurant in Austin called Polvos. It's quite simply the best Tex-Mex I've ever had, and if I ever move, I'm dreading it like nothing else.

2. He's got to be #4 at this point. Chase Daniel, Graham Harrell, Sam Bradford, then Colt.  He could easily boost back up to #2 this season, but it will take some work.  His lack of size and athleticism hurts him, and he doesn't have Limas Sweed anymore.  There are a lot of rumblings in Austin, I can tell you that, and they're not positive.

3. This is the big one. If we win this one, we could legitimately looking at 12-0 heading into Big 12 Championship.  And I believe that's exactly what will happen.  I think Texas comes out and scores early, Austin's going nuts, Texas is all pumped up... and then we slice and dice them for the next three and a half quarters.  Their secondary will be better than the atrocious thing they put out last season, but not good enough to topple the best offense in the conference. Mizzou 38 Texas 21.

4. 9-3.  Losses to Mizzou, Oklahoma, and the predictable disaster against Texas Tech/A&M/OKState.

5. Answer: This Guy.

The Beef: 1 - Can I say two of our last three Presidents without getting kicked off of the site? Probably not. Hmmmm…I guess I will say Angie Harmon, Kate Capshaw (for the Mizzou plug), Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, and Eva Longoria-Parker for people. I always kinda liked the Houston Oilers from back in the day. The rest…eh…have only spent 4 days of my life in Texas so probably not enough to find the answers to the rest of the questions.

2 - I would say behind at least Daniel, the TTech guy and Bradford….probably would put him behind Reesing as well. So, let’s call him 5th…I don’t think the Okie State kid is proven yet, nor is Ganz and I since I have no idea what aTm is going to do on offense this year, I think their QB is a bit of a question.

3 - Wow…this one I struggle the most with in picking. I need to see what UT has done on defense before I can make a call. I think they have some talent on offense, but perhaps not as much as previous years. My fear is that you put a capable position coach behind a defense which has done nothing but recruit top athletes and he may actually figure out how to make them productive and/or scary. And yes, I know Chase Daniel is going home to the team that did not offer him soon enough and all that, but this one is still the toughest of the regular season for me. I will say Mizzou 27-24 in a squeaker.

4 - 8/30: Florida Atlantic - win
9/6: at UTEP - win
9/13: Arkansas - win
9/20: Rice - win
10/4: at Colorado - win
10/11: vs Oklahoma - loss
10/18: Missouri - loss
10/25: Oklahoma State -win
11/1: at Texas Tech - win
11/8: Baylor - win
11/15: at Kansas - win
11/27: Texas A&M – win

Sheesh…tough calls in there against TTech and at Colorado since I could see this team dropping one of those. But, well…I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

5 - I was in attendance at that game…was wearing a cowboy hat which was kicked off of my head by someone riding the goalpost out of Faurot in the post game. Blackwell’s run is still one of the more impressive things I have seen in my days at Mizzou.

The Boy: 1 - I didn't realize Jennifer Garner was from Texas.  That makes it a 5-way tie between Garner, Shiner Black, Stubbs BBQ, the Cadillac Ranch, and the basement at the Alamo.  And, of course, Tom Landry.  So...6-way tie.

2 - I do think he's solidly in the 2nd tier with Reesing, Robinson, possibly Ganz, and maybe McGee (1st tier obviously: Daniel, Bradford, Harrell).  Of those, I think I agree with Beef...behind Reesing, ahead of the rest.  Oh, and that makes the 3rd tier Cody Hawkins, Random Baylor QB, and Random ISU QB.

3 - I REFUSE to jinx us on this one.  UT 28, Mizzou 24.  I'm going to keep reminding myself that Texas is still really, really good so that I don't build my hopes up too far.  That said, it's quite possible that the Great Watermelon Balls of Fury goes 40-for-45 for 550 yards and 6 TDs against his former dream school...

4 - As part of my ongoing "Tech's gone from underrated to overrated" series, I'm picking UT to win in Lubbock, lose in Dallas, and go 11-1.

5 - Actually, until ZouDave's wedding in 2005, this was the only home game I'd missed in my time in Columbia.  However, I didn't have a good "a friend was getting married" excuse for that one--I was back at home visiting the girlfriend.  Lame.  Very, very lame.  Very.  Very.  Lame.

Okay, I can't do it.  Mizzou 31, Texas 27.  Texas goes 10-2.

Doug: 1 - Isn't Braums based in Texas?  That shit be slammin'.

2 - For me he falls at least at number 3, behind Reesing and Daniel, on the list of who I would want on my team.  Actually, make that 4... I forgot about Sam Bradford for a moment.

3 - Honestly, I have no idea.  Texas can be such a difficult team to figure out most of the time.  But, the fact it's a home game for Missouri gives the Tigers the upper-hand.

4 - I'm going to go a little crazy... 8 and 4... I think there's every chance for Kansas and Texas Tech to get the home wins.

5 - Now... don't be too hasty, there very well could have been someone in attendance named "Doug".  By the way, question from the peanut gallery, Keon Lawrence, was this shocking news?  I really have no idea.

The Beef: That is awfully nice of the resident kU fan to move our road game and make it a home game…something his school seems to know a thing or two about…

Doug: Oh, I did mis-read that.  Hell with it, Texas 77, Missouri -3.

The Beef: Fair enough…and to answer your peanut gallery question, I think the timing was a bit surprising, especially in light of "reports" that Keon was a new team leader in the early summer workouts. The young man has moved home, I hope that is what he needs to fix what is broken, but it sure as hell is going to sting us a little bit.

The Boy: Right...

Transfer = not shocking
Timing = a bit shocking

And I believe Braum's is based in Oklahoma.

Yup...based now in Tuttle, OK.

And yes.  That shit be slammin'.

The Beef: That shit be slammin’….the heartburn damn near out of my body.

Doug: Okay, since my first choice fluttered and died, but is still slammin' ... I'll go with Texas Instruments.  Who didn't enjoy being able to play Pong on their graphing calculator during class?

The Boy: Not to mention being able to spell 'boob' (8008)...

rptgwb: 1. I don't count? Not cool! I couldn't find a place to start to tell you all the things I love about Texas. Maybe it's the delicious beef, beautiful women, laid back attitudes, southern hospitality, love of football, kegs of Shiner, year-yound golfing weather or so on and so forth, but for all that I love about Missouri, there's nothing like Texas to me.

I reach out to John Steinbeck, who had this to say about it:
"Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession. Above all, Texas is a nation in every sense of the word. "

Yeah, I get all poetic on this shit.

2. I like what you had to say about him earlier. He's not one of the elite QBs in the Big 12 (Daniel, Bradford, Harrell, Reesing), but he's probably the best QB in the second tier (McCoy, Robinson). That just speaks to the depth at QB in the conference.

3. I like Mizzou for reasons I've discussed privately. Last year, Mizzou hung tough against a better team in a much tougher road environment. I don't expect this team to be fazed at all. The matchups are interesting and the spotlight should be bright, but for some reason, I have an unquantifiable gut feeling that Mizzou exits Austin with a win. Score? For now, I'll say 30-24, Mizzou.

4. Can't decide between 8-4 and 7-5. I'll go ahead and give them losses to OU, Mizzou, and Kansas. My swing game sits on Thanksgiving in the finale against Texas A&M. I honestly think McCoy has a mental block with the Aggies. He looks like a completely different QB against them, whereas McGee takes it to a different level. If that holds up, I think that could be loss No. 4.

5. Negative.

ZouDave: 1 -

Ok, yes, I'm just kidding. Although I did vote for this man twice. I am shamed.

person - Chase freaking Daniel. Also in consideration are Angie Harmon, Shannon Elizabeth, Woody Harrelson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Eva Longoria, Audie Murphy, Mike Judge, Steve Martin and Ron White.

beer - Alamo Beer.


2 - I rank the Big XII QB's as such:

1 - Daniel
2 - Bradford
3 - Harrell
4 - Reesing
5 - Robinson
6 - McCoy
7 - Ganz
8 - McGee
9 - Freeman
10 - Hawkins
11 - whoever the hell Iowa State's QB is
12 - whoever the hell Baylor's QB is

McCoy is a decent QB, but you gotta be WAY better than decent to be ranked high in the Big XII right now. Not only does he seem to have a panic button in his helmet, but he seems quite injury prone.

3 - This is without a doubt the toughest game on paper on our schedule right now. The fact that it's in Austin makes it much more difficult. Still, I think Mizzou is top-to-bottom a better team and we're going to be playing for more. The week before we play Texas, the Longhorns will have had their hopes at a Big XII South title dashed by getting pounded by OU. Mizzou will still be in the National Title hunt. And this is Chase Daniel's only shot in his life to play at the stadium he grew up dreaming about playing in. Missouri wins this game, in agonizingly tight fashion, 34-31.

4 - 9-3. I see losses coming to OU, Mizzou and at Texas Tech (they'll be out for blood that day).

5 - I was not in attendance that day, unfortunately. I was there the next year when we beat Oklahoma, but was not there to see us beat Texas. I think the real question is who was there the last time we won in Austin? I'm guessing the answer is "nobody who hasn't been dead at least 50 years."

The Boy: Actually, the answer is "nobody because it's never happened."  At least not that I'm aware of...

ZouDave: WRONG!

1896. Mizzou won 10-0. And we won 28-0 there in 1894.

The Boy: let me down.  It only went back to 1901.  My bad.

The Beef:


perhaps you've heard of it?

The Boy:'s faster.  So there.

ZouDave: faster and less the line for the men's room at a stadium.

MizzouRobot: I was going to say "faster and less accurate... like Ricky Clemons on an ATV."

The Beef: I. Got. Nothing.

Michael Atchison: Obviously, I need to be setting my schedule around the roundtable. Most of the good answers have been taken, but I shall try my best.

1 - Willie Nelson was mentioned already. I’ll take Alejandro Escovedo, whose new album Real Animal is a stunner.

2 - I don’t see how he rates above Daniel, Bradford, Harrell or Reesing, so I guess I’d put him at five or six.

3 - Tigers, 33-21.

4 - 8-4 at worst.

5 - Sadly I was not there (I believe that was the day of my wife’s surprise 30th birthday party.

As for Keon, it’s not at all shocking. He tried to transfer before, and he has a lot of deep-seated personal pathology. The timing is unusual (it should have happened two months ago), but he has had so many people in his ear trying to tell him what to do, pulling him in different directions. He has had a lot go wrong in his life, but basketball was always pretty easy for him. And it wasn’t easy at Mizzou. He had some successes, for sure, but I don’t think he ever got comfortable. And when you’re not comfortable, and you’re in an alien environment (Columbia is a long way from Newark), and when you have all sorts of people telling you what to do, well, this is what happens.

The Beef: Columbia does smell better than Newark though…

The Boy: Yes, but Newark is Brick City and Columbia is not.

Doug: That.  Is.  Awesome.

ZouDave: Shit. Be. Slammin'.

MizzouRobot: The Brick City reference obviously leads me to my favorite De La Soul lyric of all time. "If you're a fat chick gettin' your f*ck on tonight, then go "ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh."

Which should also be the official motto of Nebraska.

The Beef: Wow…and this Roundtable is officially rated "R"

The Boy: Nice.  Brick City just makes me simultaneously recall every Redman song I've ever heard.  Which makes me happy.

ZouDave: and now that De La Soul has been brought up I can't get "Me Myself and I" out of my head. Thanks.

The Boy:

ZouDave: was already watching that exact URL. I'm 2:45 in right now.

The Boy: I'm at 2:10.  Well done.

ZouDave: it ends rather abruptly

MizzouRobot: Much like our basketball season.

The Boy: YES!


rptgwb: Man, I left for a few hours to help prepare for my brother's wedding this weekend, and, boy, did this roundtable ever disintegrate quickly...

Doug: I wouldn't call it disintegration so much as things just progressed to the usual point... much quicker than normal.

ZouDave: It was fun though.

MizzouRobot: "I wouldn't call it disintegration so much as things just progressed to the usual point... much quicker than normal."

"It was fun though."

Again with the analogies, much like our football team until 2007.


Doug: That was the great thing about KU football up until a couple years ago... you really didn't have to wait for things to change a whole lot.

But it wasn't really fun, either.