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Kansas State: Community Projections


With us reaching the stretch run of our season preview, we're reaching the stretch run of Community Projections. Here's what went down earlier in the week:



To the questions:


1. What will be the final score of the Mizzou/Kansas State game in Columbia?

2. What record will Kansas State finish with in 2008 and what bowl (if necessary) will they be invited to?

3. Predict Josh Freeman's stat line for the day.

4. How many turnovers will each team have?

5. Will the home finale against Kansas State outdraw last year's finale against Texas A&M (64,945)?


To save you a trip to Google, here's K-State's 2008 schedule:

8/30 - North Texas
9/6 - Montana State
9/17 - at Louisville
9/27 - UL-Lafayette
10/4 - Texas Tech
10/11 - at Texas A&M
10/18 - at Colorado
10/25 - Oklahoma
11/1 - at Kansas
11/8 - at Missouri
11/15 - Nebraska
11/22 - Iowa State