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Kansas Links

That's right...we're reaching the end of Opponent Weeks here at RMN...and while we haven't saved the best for last, we've certainly saved the most easily hatable.

 And we have to start with the most well-enunciated version of MU-KU hate ever typed out at RMN.

 Now, on to the 2007 statistics.  We all know about the strength-of-schedule issue, but this is still an impressive statsheet right here.  They doubled their opponents in rushing yards, put up a 36-7 TD-INT ratio while allowing a 17-23 ratio.  They more than doubled their opponents on the scoreboard in all but one quarter (Q4).  There were obviously some weaknesses--they only registered 26 sacks, they couldn't return punts (they couldn't punt very well either)...but yeah, overall a damn impressive line of stats here.

 College Football News has a nice, quick KU preview.  Notice that three of KU's best players are LBs.  That's going to be one great unit.  And they're going to need that rock (they have another one, obviously, in Todd Reesing) because of losses in the secondary and O-line.

 Our counterparts from Rock Chalk Talk have a first-hand account from KU's Friday practice.  Meanwhile, the Lawrence Journal-World somehow gives an infinitely more biased look at the same practice.  Tell me again why blogs suck and newspapers are so important?

 Meanwhile, KU's new potentially good TE didn't used to be a TE, and the candidates are lining up to replace Anthony Collins at LT.

 Losing the likes of Brandon McAnderson and Collins is huge, but there might be as big a loss in the booth--Defensive Coordinator Bill Young is now South Florida Defensive Coordinator Bill Young.

 And finally, the MU loss still lingers.  Damn straight.