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Mizzou Links, 8-13-08

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 I love the smell of scrimmages in the morning...that's right...Scrimmage #1 was yesterday.  It's too early to tell what kind of depth chart changes might emerge (that could come as early as today), but as would be expected there's all sorts of coverage.  First, the stats.  Chase Patton actually outplayed Chase Daniel for the day.  Otherwise...this was a scrimmage.  The stats are a little spread out.

Now, to the reports: mutigers.comPowerMizzouDave MatterKC Star, and Post-Dispatch all hand in their takes.  Gotta love this blurb from the Star:

Missouri star quarterback Chase Daniel ripped off his helmet and - obviously mad - ran off the field following his last series of Monday’s scrimmage.

He was immediately brought back on to the artificial playing surface at Faurot Field, however, at the vocal demand of an assistant coach.

“They don’t like it when you do that,” said running back Derrick Washington. “Even Chase.”

 It does appear that Andrew Jones is getting closer and closer to seeing the field (and not seeing a redshirt).  He doesn't quite make the Tuesday's Top Tigers list, but he and Jon Gissinger both seemed to take advantage of Chase Coffman's absence, which is nice.  I realize the words "Chase Coffman's absence" can't really be a good thing, but...there's about a -13% chance that Coffman will suffer from the lack of reps...and he'll be just fine come August 30.  The Missourian has more on Coffman's temporary replacements.

 Meanwhile, Derrick Washington's looking more and more like a legitimate receiving threat.

 And naturally, the Trib's got video as well.  I do love technology.

Missouri Football Scrimmage 8/12/08 from Tribune Sports on Vimeo.

 Quick recruiting link: with the commitment of Jaleel Clark, this doesn't hurt very much, but it appears that giant Arkansas WR Neal Barlow has committed to KU over Mizzou and the Hogs.  My prediction was that he'd stay in-state, but whaddo I know...

 I realize the left tackle is overrated and all, but this injury could still hurt Georgia a bit...enough that Dawg Sports went into Temporary Emo Mode yesterday...with everybody in that top tier of 7 teams (Georgia, Florida, LSU, USC, OU, Mizzou, Ohio State) so close together, I do wonder if this affects anybody's votes...

 Finally, a couple basketball blurbs: 1) the schedule for the Canada trip is set (first game: August 30), and 2) Keon Lawrence is applying for a hardship ruling so he doesn't have to sit out a year.  Honestly, I'm not sure I care either way, but Shawn at Mizzourah's got a few thoughts to share...