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Summer Preview: In conclusion...

With our summer-long preview series all but coming to an end, it's time we take our cue from Dave Chappelle and wrap it up:

As we've gone along, we've simulated the season using NCAA 09 and our crew made its game-by-game picks during our weekly Rock M Roundtables. So what did we learn about Missouri and (pause for dramatic effect) about ourselves during this process? Well, pretty much a whole lot of nothing, but to channel The Boy for a moment, I started playing with the numbers and now I introduce to you "The Grid." Click on the screenshot below to enlarge it and behold its numerical majesty.


Here's some interesting tidbits our prediction numbers had for us:


  • Texas is apparently the only game anyone feels the Tigers will win by less than double digits.
  • Look at how similar the average totals are for the Mizzou offense from season totals to conference totals. No one seems to think the numbers should drop off too terribly much come Big 12 play.
  • After the Texas (+8) game, which game apparently concerns us the most? Not Kansas (+17), not Illinois (+16), but rather the road trip to Nebraska (+12).
  • Apparently we have the same amount of trepidation for Mizzou's trip to Ames as we do for Armageddon at Arrowhead version 2.0.