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Mizzou Links, 8-20-08

 As was mentioned last night, Ben Askren's first trip to the Olympics lasted two matches--he pinned Hungary's Istvan Vereb in match #1, then was dominated by Cuba's Ivan Fundora, 7-1, in match #2.  I couldn't tell how wrestling was organized, but I assumed it was something of a round robin preliminary round with three matches or something, but I guess not.  The KC Star has more.  Askren didn't take it well.

 Now to something happier...practice reports!  Danario Alexander was running routes!

  • PowerMizzou: "Earl Goldsmith once again made some nice plays. He had a one-handed grab and then later snatched a near interception from Kevin Rutland. One Tiger was heard to yell, "Earl, way to save our butts!""
  • Dave Matter's blog: The eight freshmen whom Pinkel identified on Monday continued to get reps with the first and second units on Tuesday. Tight end Andrew Jones worked extensively with Daniel on the first team, while Egnew was a popular target of Chase Patton and Blaine Gabbert on the second team. … Defensive end Jacquies Smith played a great deal on the second team, subbing in for redshirt freshman Michael Keck. … All three freshman receivers, Jerrell Jackson, Gahn McGaffie and Wes Kemp, were busy working with the top units. Thursday’s scrimmage will be heavy on the backups and freshmen.
  • KC Star: "One of the members of the d-line came in and shoved one of our offensive linemen after the play," Fisher said. "I did the stupid thing and got involved when I shouldn’t have. It was just pushing and shoving." As he explained that, Fisher was panting from some post-practice punishment. "A thousand yards," Fisher said after running that distance.
  • Post-Dispatch: "That’s all up to Rex," Missouri coach Gary Pinkel said. "Rex is just letting [Danario Alexander] do a little bit more work everytime. He’s doing fine. He’s a tremendous athlete . . . tremendously positive attitude. We’ll see. I’m not sure when he’ll be back. We said Nebraska, it would be great if we had him back by then . . . we very possibly could get him back earlier than that. That would be nice, not only for him, but certainly for our football team."

 With Olympic swimming & diving on TV, the Trib checked in with Jeff Wolfert to see if he was doing any reminiscing.  Wolfert's story somehow never gets old.

 How's Jacquies Smith feeling about playing as a true freshman?  PowerMizzou asked him.  (They also posted Tuesday's Top Tigers.)  And speaking of Q&A's, the Trib talked to Kenji (pronounced KEN-juh) Jackson.  (There's a new Trib Podcast up as well, btw.)

 And if that's not enough true freshman action for you, the Missourian caught up with Michael Egnew.  Oh yeah, and the KC Star took on Beau Brinkley.

 The Post-Dispatch, not knowing that it was True Freshman Tuesday, talked about LBs and comfortability.

 Football recruiting update: 4-star RB Knile Davis will be visiting at the end of September.

 Oh yeah: Aldon Smith was cleared to play.  One down, two to go.  Slowest.  Clearinghouse.  Ever.

 Finally, it looks like Michael Snaer's recruitment is going to take a bit longer.  (He's now got 5 stars, by the way.)