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Mizzou Links, 8-22-08

 The Trib's Steve Walentik pulled together a nice article dealing with the football parking situation.  As I said in the Roundtable the other day, I understand why the AD did what it did, and it makes total sense...but it still really sucks to be bumped from Lot M to Lot X.  Oh well.

 Final scrimmage reports!

  • PowerMizzou: "The biggest news of the day, outside of the sitting starters, may have been an injury. Chase Patton did not participate in drills. Patton has battled back problems off and on, but official word was the injury that sidelined him on Thursday was a hamstring. With the season opener just nine days away, could this change the handling of Blaine Gabbert?"
  • Dave Matter: "How did Gabbert handle the promotion? About what you’d expect from a true freshman quarterback: Some good, some shaky. But he put together a few methodical series, including the lone touchdown drive of the day. He connected with Gahn McGaffie on a 40-yard rope that the freshman receiver took down to the 1-yard line. It was either a brilliant adjustment on McGaffie’s part or uncanny timing between the two because when the ball left his hand, it had interception written all over it. Gabbert also threw an interception to Trey Hobson that might have been returned for a touchdown in a live game."
  • KC Star: "One question that lingers from the two-a-day period of practice concerns which unit of this team is ahead of the other. Offense, which has struggled in one-versus-one drills at times against the No. 1 defense? Or that defense, which returns 10 of 11 starters from the Cotton Bowl finale of last season? "When we play against our defense, we’re playing one of the best defenses in the country,” Christensen said. “I tell ’em: ‘When you can block these guys, then you’re going to be able be able to block the people you’re going to have to play every Saturday.’”"
  • Post-Dispatch: "“Overall, I think we’re in pretty good shape,” Pinkel said about the offensive line. “I think we have really good, talented backup players that just need every minute of every practice. And that group’s got to get better, pretty much like our defense a year ago. … And, obviously, we’ve got to be pretty good starting off with whom we’re playing.”"

 With 8 days until Illinois, Missouri shifts its attention from itself to its opponents.

 The P-D has a nice, extended look at where Blaine Gabbert stands heading into Illinois Week.

 One more reason to love Doug Flutie: he loves Chase Daniel.

 Via Mizzourah, I find a nice article on how Will Franklin's doing with the Chiefs.  Answer: he's doing pretty damn well...assuming the knee injury he suffered yesterday isn't serious.


 Finally, ESPN's Tim Griffin ranks the Big 12 coaching jobs.  Pretty decent list, though my own preferences would make me flip CU and MU, along with OSU and Tech.