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Volleyball Black and Gold Match Quick Hits

Just a couple of quick hits from volleyball's Black and Gold Match earlier tonight:

  • Most volleyball followers can easily spot which players look like they're in total control and which ones look like they're completely scrambling. I don't think I've ever seen or will see Lei Wang, Caitlyn Vann or Weiwen Wang look like they're scrambling. Just total, absolute control from those three.
  • Write it down: freshman Brittany Brimmage will make a major contribution to this team in 2008. She didn't play club ball in high school since she was a multi-sport athlete, but she's a package of raw athleticism, power and talent. Kreklow seems giddy whenever he talks about her.
  • Tatum Ailes' graduation would be devastating if not for Caitlyn Vann. If there's anyone ready to step in for Mizzou's career record holder in digs, it's Vann. She was called a "gamer" by Kreklow about 12 times in a two-sentence span. That passing of the libero torch should be as seamless as can be expected.
  • Julianna Klein was still shaking off a little rust from her ACL injury and admitted so afterwards. She said she feels good about her mobility, but she's having to adjust to the little things like getting a feel for the ball again.
  • Nicole Wilson came back to help fill out the sides. It was great seeing her back on the volleyball court after I followed her playing basketball last year. Everything she does on the volleyball court seems so natural - nothing forced.
  • Her sister, Megan, might be one of my favorite players to watch. That Wilson enthusiasm is contagious. She was getting pumped up during the tense second set... of a scrimmage.
Anyone else who was there (I know UribeAuction was there, and I'm not sure if The Boy or The Beef made the pilgrimage to the exhibition), feel free to add any thoughts in the comments.