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Mizzou Links, 8-29-08



This will get its own set of bullets: The Trib put out its First And Ten edition yesterday.

Today's Braggin' Rights links:


jeffrgoldberg asks: Outside of Maclin, Daniel and Moore, which player or position can Mizzou least afford to lose to injury? What position can Mizzou rebound most easily from injury?

This is going to surprise people, but it's Tim Barnes. The depth at center just isn't there. Barnes is head and shoulders above the guys behind him. If he goes down, I'm scared. I think they could most afford an injury at safety. No, you don't want Moore going down, but if Justin Garrett is hurt, I think Del Howard, Hardy Ricks, et al, would be okay.

The Missourian takes one last look at Derrick Washington before he attempts to prove himself.

If it's a big game, Missouri's in it.

Let's take a quick look at last night's results and share some comments...

  • Wake Forest 41, Baylor 13.  Wake Forest just has the best counter-punch offense in the country.  You can get to them if you're athletic enough, but...Baylor's not athletic enough.  If they blitzed, they got burned for 10 yards, if they dropped back they got bumped for 5.  Wake Forest did whatever it wanted offensively...and only ended up with 376 total yards.  THAT's Wake Forest football.  Oh yeah, and Baylor still has a long way to go.  But they might as well just start Robert Griffin for the rest of the season.
  • Iowa State 44, South Dakota State 17.  I'd be really impressed if this were D1 killer North Dakota State, but oh well.  I'll have to parse the play-by-play of this one soon, as I want to see just how telling it is that ISU only outgained SDSU 388-350.  Maybe SDSU got a ton of yards in Q4.
  • Stanford 36, Oregon State 28Picked it.  :-)
  • SEMO 35, Southwest Baptist 28 (OT).  Actually a nice comeback for SEMO from down 21-3.

The men's basketball team has finalized its schedule.  Haven't had time to digest it yet, but here it is.  And I haven't shared much about their Canada trip, so here's a link for that.  (And speaking of basketball, a moment of well-wishes to former Big 8 great Wayman Tisdale, who's struggling with cancer right now.)

Finally, some awesome reporter from the Maneater broke a volleyball story last night--Lindsey Hunter, Mizzou's all-time leading assists leader, is coming back to help the program and finish her degree.  That really can't be a bad thing.