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Mizzou Links, 8-7-08

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So apparently it was the defense's turn to shine yesterday at practice.  PowerMizzou has more, as does, Dave Matter, the KC Star, and

From the Star:

During 7 on 7 drills, [William] Moore burst through, leaped high and blocked a Chase Daniel pass.

“We got into it,” Moore said. “Coach called a blitzing play and there’s no o-line (in 7 on 7), so I’m free. He threw the ball and I swatted it down.

“He said, `What the hell are you doing?

“`He said (with an offensive line) you would have gotten cut.’

Moore spat back: “No I wouldn’t.”

Moore and Daniel engage in a lot of that sort of give and take.

“I talk as much noise as I can to him,” Moore said. “because I know he’s a competitor. He’s going to bring it right back.”

Chase Coffman: ready.

Kurtis Gregory: farmboy.

Jeff Wolfert: mental strongman.

Lorenzo Williams: difference-maker.

Gabe at PowerMizzou thinks about what he thinks:

I think Derrick Washington is going to be good…really good

Don't know if it will happen immediately, but I like the way the kid runs. He may not equal Tony Temple's rushing yards, but when you add receiving yards, I'd be willing to bet that Washington's total this year exceeds Temple's in either of the last two.

I think it's getting harder and harder to identify freshmen just by looking

I mean, I see a kid like Zaviar Gooden. He has to be 23 years old. Dan Hoch would make grown men cower. It's a good sign that the freshmen blend in more easily with the vets. It means the freshmen are better.

And while we're on the PM kick...MAILBAG!!!

Looks like this will become a daily habit...thank you, Trib...

Gary Pinkel Interview - Day 3 of Camp from Tribune Sports on Vimeo.

I'm not sure who's winning, but there's quite a battle between Dave Matter and Gabe Dearmond for "busiest Tiger writer"...Matter lands a swift uppercut with the Pinkel-video-and-Dan-Hoch-interview 1-2 combination.

A quick basketball note (basketball? what's that?): the Puerto Rico Tip-Off bracket has been announced.  Mizzou plays a preliminary, doesn't-count-toward-the-bracket game against Chattanooga on 11/17, then starts the tournament against Xavier on 11/20.  Winner plays the winner of Virginia Tech-Fairfield.  Other first round games are Memphis-Chattanooga and USC-Seton Hall.  Steve Walentik has more...he also has a bit about Michael Snaer's recruitment if you're interested...

Finally, can't wait to hear what The Beef says about this...