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Mizzou Links, 9-10-08

It's Cut to the Chase!!  Good stuff as always, even though it's not its own unique interview anymore--just quotes from Media Day.

The KC Star thrusts the nunchuk upward.

PowerMizzou takes a look at the ten (TEN!) true freshmen who've seen the field for Mizzou this year.  (Be sure to also check out the latest Tuesday's Top Tigers.)

Hoch and Gabbert were expected to play by the middle of last week. The surprise first-year participant was probably [Kenji] Jackson, a safety from Mansfield, TX.

"I knew I was doing special teams and then Willy Mo went down," Jackson said. "Coach E came to me and said if I could do it in practice, he wanted to get me in there and see what I can do at safety."

All of the freshmen got their first action in nearly a year. Hoch was installed on the first team PAT/field goal unit as a blocker and Jackson was a part of the kickoff teams on Saturday.

"I'm just listening to Willy Mo and JG and just trying to get better myself," Jackson said. "I'm starting on special teams, so I'm going to do what I can do to get better at that too so I can do what I need to do to help my team win."

I'll say this much: like most of the freshmen, Kenji looked completely and totally natural (i.e. not lost) out there.  If Hardy Ricks, Del Howard, and Gilbert Moye don't look out, our starting safeties next year could be Kenji Jackson and Zaviar Gooden, and honestly I don't have a big problem with that.

Nevada Links!

So for what I have to figure is the first time in the history of the world, Mizzou has a player on every single one of's positional power rankings list.  The list fluctuates a lot (Chase Coffman's no longer the #1 TE because the #5 guy from BYU had a good game and passed him), complaints with having the #1 QB, #23 RB, #3 WR, #2 TE, #24 OL, #21 DL, #1 LB, #2 DB, #1 special teams player, #1 offensive coach, #11 defensive coach, and #15 head coach in the country.  Oy.

Another day, another Blaine Gabbert story...this time from Dave Matter.  I do like that he points out Chase Daniel's poor line from his 2005 debut against Arkansas State.

The Missourian pays some due lip service to Jake Harry, who has (for now) alleviate any worry about the punting unit.

Some news and notes from the Post-Dispatch, including the fact that the Big 12 has a lot of good kick returners this year...lots of challengers to Jeremy Maclin's crown...

Finally...dying to see the Mizzou volleyball team in action?  You can watch them live on the Internet (for a small fee) this weekend!