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Rock M Roundtable!

1 - So...did you leave your team's game on Saturday with any lingering concerns after a nice blowout win?

2 - How does Mizzou-Nevada play out on Saturday morning?  Does Nevada have a chance to keep up with Mizzou on the scoreboard?  Prediction?

3 - And how does Kansas-USF play out Friday night?  Prediction?

4 - Other Big 12 picks...some more interesting games this week...

Arkansas at Texas
Oklahoma at Washington
Iowa State at Iowa
SMU at Texas Tech
Washington State at Baylor
SMS at Oklahoma State (OSU didn't get the memo that they were supposed to play their 1-AA game last week)
New Mexico State at Nebraska

5 - Attendance prediction for MU-Nevada?

The Beef: 1 - No…not really. I wont really be concerned about anything until it is glaring against Buffalo…perhaps against Nevada. I still think the shortcomings we do possess on defense can be changed and will certainly be improved through the return of a healthy Willy Mo, a healthy Van Alexander and more experience garnered by all the frosh playing on that side of the ball. Talk to me in a couple of weeks, but last year made me a believer that when we needed to figure it out, we did.

2 - I think (though I hope it wont be) it will be wet out there. I think Nevada will do their best to throw against us, but I think as The Boy showed previously, their QB seems to be a very good manager of a game, but perhaps not the greatest passer. They are going to lean on him heavily with Lippincott out and hope to get some turnovers. I happen to think their Super Bowl was last weekend with the home game against TTech in Reno and they have the potential to come out flat in this game. Not saying they need to for us to prevail, but I can see it is happening. In the end, Chase plays into the 4th but I think takes a seat at some point, and Mizzou comes away with a 52-20 win.

3 - Wow…I just don’t know. I know the USF defense can be pretty stout with Selvie and I know kU has struggled to move the football on the ground. I also know Reesing has been pretty spot on so far and the defense of kU is no slouch itself. I think this is a game USF CAN win if they create a ton of pressure against Reesing and kU is still not able to move the ball effectively to keep the dogs back. However, I think kU can and will go down there and come out with a pretty close win, a good win.

4 - Arkansas at Texas – I think Arkansas is pretty terrible, though it will be interesting to see if Air Petrino gets any yards against UT…UT wins though

Oklahoma at Washington – OU smokes them, though I am curious to see how Locker does against that athletic of a defense

Iowa State at Iowa – Oh lord…I know that whoever is supposed to win this game doesn’t, so whoever that is supposed to be, I go with the other one. Since Iowa is at home, I will take Iowa State and the fighting Chiziks to get to 3-0.

SMU at Texas Tech – Um…SMU gave up a half-hundred to Rice…you think TTech needs/wants to make a statement after last week’s poor showing? TTech breaks 70.

Washington State at Baylor – Wow…I will take Baylor…Wazzu is AWFUL

SMS at Oklahoma State - Um…Okie State by Gundy’s age.

New Mexico State at Nebraska – Neb might get it moving a little bit…their pending game against Va Tech seems to be more and more interesting as they both struggle a bit.

5 - Attendance prediction for MU-Nevada? – I think they call higher than show because of the weather…leading them to call 62K.

rptgwb: Allow me to sneak these in before I head for class...

1. My only lingering concern is the continued tinkering of Eberflus with the aggressiveness of the defense. To be fair, though, it's not a huge concern at this point. Let him continue to tinker for the next two weeks until he can take everything in during the bye week and get ready for conference play. It worked last year with the Run D, right?

2. Mizzou 48, Nevada 20. Forget Nevada - do any teams who play Missouri have a chance to keep with Mizzou on the scoreboard?

3. I originally had Kansas winning this game, but with how the KU running game has struggled, I'm starting to think in favor of USF. We'll go 24-21 USF.

4. Picks

Texas over Arkansas by 14
Oklahoma over Washington by 24
Iowa State over Iowa by 3
Texas Tech over SMU by 20
Baylor over Wazzou by 6
OSU over SMS by 31
Nebraska over NMSU by 13

5. 62,125

The Boy: 1 - It was a bit disconcerting that SEMO was allowed to gain as many yards as they did, particularly in the first half.  As both rpt and Beef have mentioned previously, we're tinkering with our level of aggressiveness, and until it's calibrated correctly there will be some issues.  However, like The Beef, I refuse to be too concerned until somebody like Nebraska lights us up.  We used the non-conference season to work out the kinks last year, and we'll do the same this year until proven otherwise.

2 - My one concern with Nevada is that, while their passing game is inconsistent, they showed an ability to connect on the deep ball last year.  I assume we'll stay closer to our SEMO level of aggressiveness instead of our Illinois level, but it's possible that they put up a quick TD here or there to make it a game for a while.  But I'm just so damn confident in the offense right now.  I'm not scared of how Nevada held Harrell & Crabtree in check for most of the game, or how Harrell went only 19-for-46 because, well, Mizzou has more weapons and bigger variety.  They can play a power game that Tech can't, and they can neutralize pressure in ways that Tech can't.  And hey...until someone proves that they can hold Mizzou under 52, I'm picking them to score 52.  Mizzou 52, Nevada 23.

3 - I too initially had Kansas winning this game, and since the season started I've become less enamored with both teams.  KU's running game scares the crap out of me, but Matt Grothe has shown a tendency to sometimes play rather horribly against good defenses.  La Tech moved the ball pretty well against KU at first, and if USF does that and gets a lead, KU could be in trouble.  But I just think Todd Reesing > Matt Grothe, and unless George Selvie has big play after big play (which is indeed possible), KU has more weapons.  KU 20, USF 17.

4 - Texas 48, Arkansas 7.  Texas = too good, Arkansas = crap.

Oklahoma 41, Washington 17.  OU will give up a good play here and there, but there's no way Washington can keep up.

Iowa 23, Iowa State 10.  I fully intended to pick ISU here, but Iowa's TCB'd pretty well so far, and Iowa State's yardage differential (pretty much even despite two blowout wins) has me concerned.

Texas Tech 59, SMU 31.  They might combine for 1000 passing yards.

Baylor 24, Wazzu 14.  This has more to do with my opinions of Wazzu rather than Baylor, but still...go Art Briles!

OSU 56, SMS 3.  Oy.

Nebraska 42, NMSU 21.  NMSU likes to pass, and they may have some success in doing so, but...yeah.  Not gonna happen.

5 - 59,183.  Morning kickoff + threat of rain - draw of home opener = smaller crowd.  Stil, though, I'll always take 59K as a "smaller crowd"...

Doug: 1 - After two games, I'm still slightly concerned about the running game, but I feel better that Mangino is going to get Angus Quigley involved in the game sooner. He's been tearing guys up, and yes that's been towards the end of games, but I think he's the power runner in the mold of Brandon McAnderson that neither Jake Sharp or Jocques Crawford seem to really fit. Once you pound Quigley into the line a few times that can help open things up on the outside for a slasher like Sharp.

2 - Probably not... but the whole team can hold a craps table from what I hear.

3 - I'm going with a Kansas win, but I think it will be close, probably within 10 points when it's all said and done. Luckily there are no hurricanes to deal with, and if KU can get this win, they could be undefeated going into the Oklahoma game in another few weeks.

4 - Texas by a big number
Oklahoma by a really big number
A school in Iowa will win this game, but damned if I know which one
Texas Tech by a really, ridiculously big number
Art Briles starts to consider the soft housing market in Waco
Terry Allen starts to consider the soft housing market in Springfield
Nebraskans shell out $30 for pay-per-view to yell at their TVs for another week

5 - Well, the only reason you're asking this question must be because turkey season opens or something. I'll go with 52,000.

ZouDave: 1 - My dad and I were sitting in a very nice restaurant in Springfield, MO, huddled over my MP3 player (that has an FM Tuner in it) listening to the radio broadcast of the game. We stopped paying attention to it sometime in the 3rd quarter because the game was way, way over and Missouri had done what it needed to do. I haven't really seen the game yet, as the replay show isn't on in KC until tomorrow at 1:00pm. So, as such, the only thing I'm concerned about myself is the fact that others still seem concerned with our pass coverage.

2 - Nevada may come out as charged up as they can possibly be, because we're easily the best team they'll face all year, and that may fuel them to making some big plays early. I wouldn't be surprised to see a 14-10 game after one quarter, but I'd be very surprised if Nevada could keep up with us for 3 quarters, let alone 4. Missouri will win this one with relative ease, 52-24.

3 - I just don't think USF is nearly as good as they're portrayed. They're good, don't get me wrong, but this isn't a juggernaut that kansas is running into. It won't be a blowout, but kansas will also win with relative ease. I see ku winning 27-14.

4 - Texas by 20 Washington by 3 (HUGE UPSET BABY!) Iowa by 3 Texas Tech by 34 Washington State by 7 Oklahoma State by 44 Nebraska by 24

5 - Well from what I understand the attendance for SEMO was great, but so was the weather. With this promise of massive rain on Saturday, it probably means our walk-ups are going to be crap. Announced attendance will probably be 58,000ish. I also predict it won't start raining until at least 3:00pm.

Doug: Why didn't I go to Phoenix? Son of a bitch!

Michael Atchison: Late to the game here. Sorry. But straight out of the gate, let’s hear it for The Boy on his 30th birthday. Huzzah!

1 - Did I leave on Saturday with any lingering concerns? I didn’t much like the way Mike Jones ran up the middle, but that was the kind of game that makes any analysis a waste. It was David versus Goliath, and David was fresh out of stones. It was kind of tedious to watch. Less drama than an episode of Three’s Company.

2 - I’m not going to dismiss Nevada out of hand, especially after how they limited Texas Tech. This is a legit game. But to answer, no I don’t think they can keep up on the scoreboard. Tigers 45, Wolfpack 24.

3 - The Kansas-USF question is hard, and partly because I haven’t seen either of them play. My first thought is that it’s tough to go to Tampa. My second is that I haven’t looked smart underestimating Kansas over the past year. Hawks by three.

4 - Texas over Arkansas by 6.
Oklahoma over Washington by 17.
Iowa State over Iowa by one, late, on a freak play.
Texas Tech over SMU by 30.
Wazzu by two over Baylor.
Oklahoma State by 27 over MOST.
Corn by 9 over NewMexState.

5 - Attendance: 60,926.


Ridiculous Matt: 1. Only that we'll be complacent against Nevada. No, wait, not even that. Psych.

2. With me watching from the hill on my first trip back to CoMo since 2004. I am out of my mind excited for this game. They had a chance till the running back went down. Without having to worry so much about the run, I think Eberflus is just going to send the house at them, and our safeties and corners are just athletically gifted enough to handle the pressure. 52-13. And I eat my weight's worth at Shakespeare's postgame.

3. I thought USF would manhandle those posers, but USF looked outright terrible versus UCF on Saturday. I think the Jayhawks win, 30-10, putting them back in the national spotlight just long enough to get comfy before OU boots their ass out.

4. Oh, Lord. I'm from Arkansas, so I follow the Hogs. I can tell you that UofA will be impressive bordering on dangerous next season with Mallet, a bunch of 4 star recruits and more time with Petrino. But with this Texas team's offense firing on all cylinders versus an Arknansas defense that is young AND not that talented? Yikes. 58-10, Hook 'Em.

OU 55 WU 17

ISU 24 IU 21

SMU 20 TT 38

WSU 17 Baylor 24

SMS 13 OSU Eleventy Billion

NMS 24 NU 30- The storm clouds are gathering.

5. Me and the wife!

The Boy: Oh yeah, and as far as any birthday wishes go...I realize now that this is how I look to any students I pass on campus:

Of course, if that's the case, here's how Dave and Beef look:

And here's how Atch looks:

ZouDave: at least you didn't say Beef and I look like this:

The Beef: Yeah…that is what I was thinking he would put up there…

ZouDave: Sweet's a link you can get lost on for a few minutes!

Doug: It's like Gregg Easterbrook's perfect blog.

Michael Atchison: I only wish I looked that good.


(two hours later)

ZouDave: Man this is just disorganized and slow.

Somebody challenge one of the The Beef's beliefs or something so we can get an argument going. Or someone claim that the potential rain on Saturday is a good reason to not go to the game. SOMETHING!

Ridiculous Matt: Okay, here's one. My friend Dan and I are going to the game. The last time we watched a game together it was the Big 12 Championship. Now, we are 1-0 on neutral field, having met in Waco to watch the Colorado-Mizzou game at a Buffalo Wild Wings, so I'm hoping as long as we're not in one of our homes, there's no curse.

Have I mentioned that Chase is supposed to break the freaking all-time Mizzou passing record on Saturday?